Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring is here?

This is a view of one of the mountain tops from where we live, look in any direction and you see a different mountain, its beautiful being in the valley and surrounded by mountains. Well, although spring is here officially; last night it snowed a tad bit in the mountains. The sun is out now and the daffodils I planted this fall are in full bloom. Hopefully, it will be like this tomorrow and I will spend the day outside with Frankie, Dodger and Chicca and we can begin preparing the flower beds. Still a bit to chilly and wet from the past week of rain.
So today I have trimmed up my blocks and will begin sewing on the sashing. It is funny how I get excited about patterns, begin cutting-towards the end dragging; Next excitement, I begin sewing ---by the last block really dragging; Next excitement, seeing the completed blocks, laying them out and turning, moving just playing to see what I like; Next excitement, sewing on the sashing or borders and really feeling the quilt coming to life; then the quilting or tying which by the end dragging once again; But whahla, the biggest excitement of all the quilt is finished and the "WOW" I did that. It still amazes me how unique and wonderful each quilt is....whether it is my work or someone elses. I love to look at pictures of quilts and quilt blocks, ok enough. I had best go and get started. I am getting closer to the finish line.

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