Friday, April 14, 2017


Carole who blogs at FROM MY CAROLINA HOME (link below) has been a daily read of mine for several years now.  I truly have fallen in love with Carole's Mystery Quilts that is for sure, but she also designs so many other projects also that she shares quite often!  Plus, she has her patterns on sites such as Moda Bake Shop and Favorite Quilts and I know that she participates in some fun blog hops and puts together at least one of her own each year.  Can you tell, I really do enjoy her blog!  I truly do advise you to check her site out for yourself and it is never to late to join in the fun of the Two Step Scrap Dance Mystery Quilt Along.

I have chosen this year to use 4 colors.  White for my Background, Green, Browns and Blues all in a variety of scraps (yet rather controlled scraps this time around) for my choices this year.  I once again loaded the pictures in the wrong order, so above is actually the second step and I am not completely finished with these.  I still have the greens to go.

Another fun fact I would like to share with you is that I have never made Quarter Square Triangles before.  In over 10 years of quilting, I have always avoided them.  They appeared much to difficult and this quilter was just not worried about them at all.  So no, Carole was not happy enough that she got me so in love with making Half Square Triangles through her fabulous pattern designs.  She got me to learn these.  I am not quite as in love with these yet, but they are not hard to make at all!  Plus, she is wonderful at helping out when asked for help!  Believe me, I have asked for help in every quilt...NOT due to Carole at all; I have a messed up brain.  She just jumps right in and helps me out always.

This is Step One all done up quick and easy.  I am a total Scrap Quilt Lover, have been since I started quilting.  Sometimes it is very easy to pick the fabrics you want to use and other times it can seem like it is the hardest thing.  This is rather half and half.  With the help of a friend, the decision to choose the 4 colors was fairly easy.  Yet, choosing the actual Scraps for the fabrics was a bit harder.  Thankfully, I have an assortment of various sized blocks cut at all times and they are placed into specific labeled boxes.  Plus, I also have a large tote that fabric scraps just get tossed into from fat quarters with corners cut off to one and a half inch squares that I just did not want to put away properly at that point and time (very wrong choice believe me).  So at least,  I did not have to cut into any big pieces of fabric. 

So, after I complete the remainder of the QST's I have Step 3 to complete before the 21st of April.  I will have no problem doing this as long as I do not get to distracted by the Spring weather that is finally starting to peek a tad and I mean a tad bit here.  Hubby and I are off for a family gathering.  Thanks for stopping by and I love to read comments and I try to respond to each one!  Have a great day!


Monday, January 9, 2017

2017 FINISH A LONG ( FAL) List of Projects to Finish

Hello! My name is Brenda Ackerman and I WELCOME YOU to MY QUILT JOURNEY blog! 

In the process of reading blog posts, I came across a highly recommended site titled
FINISH A LONG ( FAL).  Curiosity led me to the site, only to discover instantly that this was something I really needed!  Motivation to Finish all of these quilts and other projects that I have started in the past 4 years and have not finished.  Here is the link to Rhonda's Quilt Ramblings Blog

So here I go with my list of Projects to Finish A Long in this Quarter

1.  This quilt is for my Dad.  It was shown to him on Father's Day of 2016 as an almost completed gift.  I needed to add the borders, quilt it and the final step the binding.  I have reached the stage of the binding and we are in the new year.  I must finish this quilt!  Do you not agree!

The quilt itself is so pretty and all scrappy.  I follow a fun and wonderful blog titled
   From My Carolina Home here is the link....
She puts together amazing Mystery Quilt Along, free patterns, spectacular photographs and tutorials plus so much more.  My Dad's quilt is from one of her Mystery Quilts SCRAP DANCE TANGO.  A quilting friend and I had a blast following along with this Mystery.

2.  This is another Quilt Along that Carole recently had on her blog.  The title of the quilt is SCRAP DANCE WALTZ.  I just love the names that she chooses for her projects.  This is going to be a step by step quilt for me.  I am making this one for one of my Sisters In Laws as a Christmas present.  So as long as I have it completed by the end of November; I will be tickled pink! 

So my goal for this quarter is to finish sewing together all of my Half Square Triangles and getting them all trimmed to the correct size of the two and a half inches.  All other pieces are cut and I have completed one row and three of block A.  So I am very confident that I will accomplish this goal!

3.  This quilt top was made following a Jenny Doan video "SPRING RAIN" from Missouri Star Quilt Company on You Tube.  The only difference is I used Christmas fabrics.  I had so much fun making this quilt that I definitely want to make another one!  But first, I have to get this one Quilted!  So that is my goal for this quarter.  Hopefully, I will get the binding on also.  Yet, if I just get it quilted I will have met my goal and be very pleased!

4.  The fabrics here are for reversible placemats.  I have everything all cut out and even started free motion machine quilting one of them.  Then, I have no idea what happened and why they were pushed aside and forgotten about.  I really honestly do not even remember why or even who they were being made for.  Is that not so funny?  So my goal is to get the FOUR PLACEMATS COMPLETELY FINISHED BY THE END OF THE QUARTER. 

5.  Can you tell I am really into Christmas projects?  LOL.  Actually, I have a ton (well it seems that way to me) of unfinished projects and these were the ones on the top.  Plus, one of the goals on my Blog this year is to post at least once a week a project tutorial or link of Christmas projects.  I do not ever want to be a last minute gift maker again! 

So these are both individual printed fabrics and I decided to quilt them into table toppers.  I have both of the fronts sewn on but I did not put on any backs.  Which leaves me once again wondering what in the world was I thinking.  But, I figured this one out.  My Dad was admitted into the hospital while doing these and all I was going to do was lay fabric over the top and sew around, turn inside out and yadda yadda.  So, that is my goal on both of these...TO GET THEM FINISHED AND LOOKING PRETTY AS TABLE TOPPERS.

6.  This is a Wall Hanging Panel that I want to do some fancy Hand Embroidery Stitches on!  I really enjoy doing hand embroidery and I think that this one will be just for Hubby and Myself.  Looking at the backing fabric though, I think I will be changing that.  So my Goal is to have it completely Hand Embroidered by the end of the Quarter.  That is all, the remainder will be in another quarter.

7.  This is a Project Linus quilt that I made and it somehow got pushed aside.  So my goal is to get it quilted and the binding put on as soon as possible.  Plus, deliver it to the monthly meeting!  I also hope to complete one other quilt (but that is not in the FAL).

I sure hope that I can accomplish all of these goals for the quarter of the FINISH A LONG  (FAL)!  Being this is my first one, I hope that I did not overload myself.  Now I will publish this and then go and read the link up information one more time and see how that goes!



Friday, December 30, 2016

A Few Quilting Goals For 2017

Beginning right after Thanksgiving, I had to organize (really just stuff quilting items in plastic totes or wherever they would go and be out of the way until after Christmas) all of my quilting/sewing items that had pretty much taken over the house!  LOL.

Hubby said that everything must go and be out of the way.  It took me until just a few days before our girls arrived to get it all done.  Mainly because I had picked up this Flu virus that pretty much just knocked everyone on their a** for weeks to a month or two.  I was pretty much in bed for an entire month.  Thankfully, I had marked a few of the totes.  This project was in a tote marked UFO's.

Why I did not finish this project is beyond me.  With all of those beautiful fabrics together it will make a lovely quilt.  It was actually stuffed into a plastic bag (who in the heck.....I never do things like that) so I had to have been having a really bad headache; on top of which, I can find no paper work telling me the Quilt Pattern I was using!  But, I have decided I will find a new pattern and make this into a quilt this year!

This quilt is one that Deanna and I both fell in love with when Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co. put out her new video tutorial on creating these Dresdens.  Deanna is much farther along than I am, but that is all right, again this was stopped because of the cleanup, the Flu and also due to the fact that I needed to make some Christmas projects as gifts.  The person I am making it for is in no great hurry, but it will be finished as soon as possible.  I am really anxious to see how it turns out!

This Quilt has been designed pretty much by me as a quilt as you go quilt.  It is being made for a quilt to cover our bed.  I believe it was started over 4 years ago.  I know I was getting very frustrated with the golden sparkly thread breaking all of the time and am assuming set it aside and with my horrible brain damage just forgot all about it until I found it in the tote with these two other unfinished quilt projects.  I have this one listed as my second to finish UFO!

This is going to be my first UFO to finish!  I made a baby quilt for my Niece last year with this flannel material and had started putting the top and bottom blocks together.  While Deanna was here, I could not find the original project that I wanted to work on; so this was chosen instead.  After discovering that I had no other green fabric to work with; I decided to put the orange in the center and make iron on Dresden flowers using the scrap fabrics from the last project.  Therefore, I am already starting to conquer a UFO and it is not 2017 yet!

There will be many more UFO's added to my list though, I just could not find them today!  LOL.  I hope that you have a fantastic creative day and have a fabulous time conquering your UFO's whatever they may be!

I love to read comments and love to respond also!


Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Hello to All!  Today is a big step for me.  I am making a year long commitment to myself to have fun with my blog once again and hopefully take it in a new direction.  One of those directions is going to be sharing

I must admit, I have not worked out all of the details.  Yet, I do know that my goal is to share at least one Christmas Project every week all year long.  Hopefully, I will have some guest bloggers share a project or two!  Another part of this may only give a variety of links to projects that I think would be fun to do and hopefully you will also.  I also plan on learning how to write tutorials and share several of my projects along the way!
Plus, another great bonus, my Best Friend and Quilting Buddy has her own blog that she started just this past year and wants to do more also.  So she will be joining me and sharing all sorts of fun stuff on her blog also!  I do hope that you will join us in creating Christmas Gifts all year long, because the more the merrier!

So far I have but two other goals for 2017 and that is to finish each and every UFO that I have.  I was so surprised today when I could fit them all in one big tote.  I forgot to count, but I know that the total is between 10 and 15. With a bigger surprise in discovering that most of them are very close to be finished, while only 3 of them are barely started.

My last goal for the New Year is to (LOL at myself) start and finish as many projects as I can!  To join a few more groups like the one I joined on Intrepid Thread just the other day.  Oh phoey, I can not remember the exact name and have not put it on my sidebar yet.  It is about Scrap Busting and I love to use up the fabrics I have and all of the Scraps that I do have!  Plus, to learn new skills and improve on skills that need that extra effort, like getting bindings to look nice.  So there you have it!  I will share more about the Scrap Busting from Intrepid Thread in a day or so. 

So before I go, let me share my first Christmas Table Topper.  In all honesty, I think it turned out so beautiful using the fabric choices I did; the red fabrics have candy canes in both red and green, while the green fabric  Deanna and I both made one this weekend while we were together sewing, quilting, laughing and just having a marvelous time together!  I had saved the "PIN" quite some time ago with a link to the pattern and blog tutorial. 

If you follow this link it takes you to my Pinterest Page where I do enjoy clicking on those little "PIN IT" buttons on a variety of blogs and on other Pinterest Pages!  Never in a million years will I ever be able to accomplish everything I have found that I would love to make!
How about you are you a Pinterest fan?

This is the link to the board where a picture is located close to the bottom on the right hand side.  It is called EASY CHRISTMAS TABLE RUNNER 
Do not hesitate to look around and see some of the great projects.  Click on the picture on the bottom and it should take you right to the site it was originally pinned from or the pattern site itself.

This is where I originally found the pin.

This is the site to find the tutorial and post about it!

I just love the fabric we chose to use as the backing material also.  This way it can be used on either side and it could also be used as a Wall Hanging if the recipient so desired.  The next two pictures are of Deanna's.  Both of our fabrics were almost identical, except for the greens.  I hope that if you want and if it can click on the pictures and enlarge them to see the fabrics better. 

We are both very proud of the Cross Hatch machine quilting we did!  Another one of the items I continually have to work on and I would like to start trying some other designs with the walking foot; as I know Deanna does also.

Well, I do believe I have written enough!  Oh look, I just noticed Mr. Shakes is under the table...well he is always under the table when I am at the sewing machine, just usually laying on Deanna's chair; he has several special softies that he lays on and even has to share with Miss Dodger now and then.  Miss Chicca on the other hand, she loves a brown paper sack right now under the table or if I am really nice, I put her up on the table by the window and put her special quilt on it for her lonnnnnng afternoon nap.  LOL.  I added a bunch more!

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I love reading your comments and am trying to figure out how to be notified of them.  All learning for the New Year.....for now have a fantastic creative day and a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!    Celebrate the birth of Christ this time of year!


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Projects in December

Carole at From My Carolina Home Blog link below

has a wonderful Quilt Along going on.  It is not to late to start, today is our second set of instructions, I have done several of her Quilt Mysteries and have enjoyed each and every one.  Actually, one of her quilt mysteries is the first quilt that I ever kept for myself and I have been quilting for over 10 years.  Hubby and I loved it so much there was no way it was going anywhere!

There are several options for this quilt along.  A two color, three color or even a total scrappy choice!  On top of designing these fun Quilt Mysteries and Quilt Alongs, Carole has designed table runners, placemats and purses that she has generously offered for free.  Yet, she also has an Etsy Store where you can buy several of her patterns and many other items.

Since I began following Carole's Blog   From My Carolina Home  I have thoroughly enjoyed every post, because she touches on a variety of topics from recipes to outdoor wildlife (you should see the two male turkeys roaming about her yard right now) and various table settings for guests, holidays and seasons.  Plus, all of her quilting projects.  I really do recommend that you check out her sight and see if you want to follow her blog.  Plus, do not forget to check out this wonderful Quilt Along!

Now this is a project I am making for Project Linus!  A very dear friend of mine, introduced me to Missouri Quilt Company with Jenny and her video tutorials.  This block is almost the finished version of the Whimsical Shoofly Block.  I just have not snowballed the corners yet.  I am debating on using white or black or possible both, plus the plaid flannel has a darker green that I could also use to really add a lot of diversity.  Here I only have a few pieces shown that are actually cut out, and there is also plenty of both fabrics off to the side to be cut if need be. 

You see, I am not positive how many blocks I will be making.  Jenny, always produces these bigger quilts!  Which is fabulous for so many instances, but with Project Linus, the largest size quilt that can be made is a twin size.  So, I have to rather play with the lay out as I go along and see just how many blocks across and down I will need. 

I will post pictures of both quilts as they are progressing!  Thank you for stopping by and have a fantastic creative day!