Wednesday, January 30, 2019

My First UFO Is Complete!

Julie Cefalu has a fabulous blog The Crafty Quilter that she began in January of 2012.  I am not positive when I began following her, but I am positive that I made the right choice in doing so and have learned a lot of valuable and usable information in my quilting.  Here is the link to her blog

Julie decided to host a 2019 UFO & WIP CHALLENGE
which I gladly signed up and joined as soon as I began reading her post.  I have a huge amount of Unfinished Projects and am excited enough to have set my goal (just my own personal goal) to complete 2 UFO's per month.

Hand Embroidery is a craft that both of my Grand Mother's helped teach me when I was in grade school.  It was a lot of the basic stitches and I believe that my projects were all following Iron-On Patterns used on tea towels and pillowcases.  My Mother still uses a set of the tea towels that I made for her.  I need to get pictures and share them.

The hand embroidery pattern that I chose to use in the pattern above is one that Amina of the Blog STITCH FLORAL shared on October 6, 2018 and asked if anyone would like to join her in doing the pattern "Fall Wedding" a free pattern she found on Pinterest and just fell for.  Here is the link for you to read all the details yourself if you would be interested.  Plus, Amina has some other great tutorials and free patterns also.

I decided not to use any beads in my embroidery because somewhere very close to the beginning, I decided to do this pattern for my Mom.  Somewhere getting close to the end of the pattern, I decided that it would make a very pretty pillow center and Mom likes to decorate with pillows.  I also decided it would be a great Christmas present.

I did not get it finished in time for Christmas.  I showed Mom what she would be getting when it did get finished and she was thrilled with it.  So even though this is my newest UFO, I did get it done!

I knew that Mom would like browns.  I should correct myself, Mom has only been shown the hand embroidery section all finished.  She has not been shown any part of the pillow or even any of the fabrics that I tried to choose from.  So it will be a nice partial surprise.  LOL.  I decided on the grey background with the variety of leaves.  In that way it can be placed just about anywhere in her house and it will fit in nicely.

The variety of blues and the tad bits of pinks will go nicely in her bedroom if she decides to put it there.  She also has some old antique furniture that the rust colors will blend right in with.  The pink is for my daughter who has always loved the color and was Moms first Grandchild.

I always enjoy the variety of ways that so many people show off their quilts and projects in different settings.  I tend to forget and want to work at setting up a bit of style and have a bit of fun.  Especially since so many of these are projects that were set aside, by me, and forgotten.  I would love to know what your thoughts are!

Whoopie...January UFO is complete and I am thrilled with how it turned out!  Now onto February!!

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Discovering UFO's is actually very fun right now!

A few years ago, I discovered Christmas Fabrics for the very first time.  Honestly!!  I mean, I knew they existed and had fallen in love with the gorgeous Christmas Quilts that so many talented quilters have shared throughout the years I have been a quilter and began following blogs.  Plus, just adored all of the cute fun fabrics that were used to create so many types of projects.  Yet, seriously, I had never thought about making anything with the wide variety of Christmas Fabrics.  LOL.

Once I did though, I have truly fallen in love with creating Christmas Quilts and so many other projects involving the specialty line of fabrics.  The past two years, I just did not have the heart to make any at all, since my Dad passed away in November 2017.  I discovered quite a few unfinished projects from the year 2016 that my friend and I had started and just did not get finished while I was organizing my fabric storage room.  A lot of our projects were intended for our Community and will be again.  Although, some will also go into my ?  (I am not sure how or where we will be trying to sell the quilts and other projects at this time).

The two pillowcases above are actually a pair of Reversible Pillowcases.  I am so glad that I had used a safety pin and pinned on the instructions for what the purpose of these cut out material pieces were.  Until I did see it, I was already thinking about finding a matching fabric to the Winter Scene and creating two more sections and then creating a quilt top.  After seeing the pinned instructions, finishing the pillowcases did not take very long at all.  I just now thought, quilting these lovely pillowcases would have made them extra special.  May brain always gets me into trouble when it takes forever and a day to think of a great idea!!  LOL.  Oh well, there is always a next time.

I discovered 6 of these Reindeer Stocking Cut Outs while I was organizing.  These Stockings are so spectacular in several ways that appeal to my personality.  I have always, to the best of my memory, been a person who would enjoy picking every animal up and cuddling with them.  I am not a great photographer, so all of the wildlife is hard to tell exactly what it is.  Plus, the variety of florals are just amazing.  I had started to get these quilted and made it all the way through 6 of the Stockings with just 2 left to go.  I hope to at least finish the quilting part tomorrow.

I needed to stop for the household type of duties, plus my fur babies were ready for us to get all comfy cozy on the bed for the remainder of the evening.  While I was doing the dishes, fixing dinner and all of that fun stuff.  I kept thinking to myself that instead of making these into actual Stockings, I could easily cut out a background fabric add another layer of batting underneath the Stockings and applique them onto the background.  Along with doing a special sashing, just an example, such as flying geese.  Also, a special border or two could be added and this quilt could easily become my husbands Christmas present for next year or I can just sell it!  Decisions, Decisions....Choices, Choices....Life can be so difficult.  What are your thoughts?  What color backing would you use?  Do you like a poufy applique?

Jenny is a marvelous person who I have followed for quite a few years @ Jenny of Elefantz.
This link below will, hopefully, take you to her first post in 2018 where she shares her first BOM
Block Of The Month and it is free for a short while longer.  Today she was talking about her upcoming plans for 2019.  If you enjoy hand embroidery, she designs some fabulous patterns and many of them are free.  She also is in the process of getting her Etsy store set up.  Do not quote me on the Etsy store, my brain is growing weary, but check out her blog and you will find all of the information that you need.

I have only completed two of the blocks.  I know, I know....but I am perfectly fine with this pace I am going at.  I decided to do this block as a surface embroidery style.  I was one of the people who at first was calling it Crewel Embroidery.  Until, Mary Corbett put the true definitions out for everyone to read and know the difference.  Crewel Embroidery uses wool thread and Surface embroidery is using any other type of thread.  Makes absolute sense and when I am doing something, even if I am not a perfectionist, I do want to honestly tell people who ask what it is I am doing by the correct name!

I absolutely am thrilled that I finished it and that it turned out not so bad.  Yet, I still have a lot to learn in several areas.  The first technique is blending my color choices better.  For instance, the yellow flower, I can not see a difference in the three varieties of DMC threads I chose.  My second big mistake was to use orange color variations in the umbrella and in both of the birds.  I do not notice any of this with just looking at this.  But when the camera is used, wowsers it makes such a huge difference, I was shocked.  How could I use the camera without filling in an entire area and then having to rip out all of the stitches?

I am having fun with all of the challenges that go with quilting.  Now, I am learning about the world of blogging.  I have a whole lot to learn here.  I hope that you all have a nice relaxing evening!  Until next time enjoy every moment!

Friday, January 11, 2019

My 12 UFO Projects for the 2019 UFO/WIP CHALLENGE for 2019

Hello and Welcome to my blog!

Julie from the blog The Crafty Quilter has started a UFO/WIP CHALLENGE FOR 2019 and with plenty of enthusiasm, I am joining her!

This will be a post filled with pictures of the projects I have chosen to use as my 12 UFO Projects.  

Recently, I took time to do some much needed organization in my fabric storage room.  Which is our spare bedroom and works excellently for this purpose.  By refolding fabrics, I emptied out 4 big totes and throughout the process of organizing, discovered a whole bunch of UFO's.  They range in small projects from pillow cases to queen sized quilts that had been set aside and forgotten for one reason or another.

With Julie's Challenge, I will be working on completing 12 UFO's throughout the year.  I am hoping that I will be able to accomplish at least one project each and every week of the year in 2019.  No, I am not setting myself up for a pit fall.  LOL.  I do realize that this is a huge challenge and most likely one I will not achieve.  Yet, with setting this goal, I know I will constantly be working towards it.  Plus, I have two other reasons for setting this goal.  My husband and I need to come up with at least $1,000.00 for dental work.  The second reason is that our extra special Miniature purebred Poodle, Mr. Shakes that we rescued from a horribly abusive place, before we left Texas and moved back to Grants Pass, Oregon.  His Vet has informed us that he has to have Ear Surgery and that is going to be well over $500.00.  Aside from a couple of other items, selling my quilts and other quilted items are hopefully going to help make these both possible by the end of the year.

I have so much faith in my Family and Friends and above all The Lord!  That the finances will be made available, first and foremost for our precious fur baby.  The remainder will also be provided, I have no doubt, as the various items that have been made with love will be shown some place to be sold.  Can you tell I have it all figured out?  LOL.  Alright, enough of my ramblings.  Beware...I do love to share and jabber.  ***smiles***

Alright, here we go.  This is my # 1 project for January.  The reason I have chosen this as my first project is because I chose to do this hand embroidery project for my Mother as a Christmas present for this year.  I found the pattern @     and thoroughly enjoyed every part of creating this beautiful hand embroidery project.  I have chosen to make a pillow cover with it.  I am hoping to have it finished by the end of the week to share a post by date Julie has specified.

After the Project #1....I am not positive yet on the order in which I want to do the UFO's.  I must ask Julie if I have to be specific or just be clear at the beginning of the month.

This set of blocks were part of a BOM designed by Debby Kratovil.  I have thoroughly enjoyed following her blog and trying to keep up with the BOM.  Somehow, along the way, I failed though.  I can not even remember what happened as to why.  But I love applique and am very positive that I will not have any problems in setting up the blocks that I am missing.  I have all of the patterns.  I just stopped putting them together.  Well at some point this year, this fantastic BOM will become a Quilt!

This UFO is my oldest UFO and it also holds a special place in my heart.  This applique pattern is my very first design!   I took the extra close up photos to show some of the details a tad bit better.  I know that all of those pieces go with this top.  Right now, I am not sure if I will use them to finish the quilt with or not.  It will feel fantastic to get this quilt finished!!

My picture taking certainly does not do this quilt any justice.  I believe that this is one of my most beautiful quilts that I have created.  The fabrics are both Christmas prints and the pattern I used is one that my friend Carole @ From My Carolina Home designed and shared on her blog with us.  The reason that this quilt was not finished is because I could not decide on how to finish it.  Has anyone else ever had this happen?  Since I have been paying attention to alternative methods of borders, I am going to choose one of the techniques I have watched a video tutorial of and get this beauty finished.

These 25 quilt blocks were made while following Pat Sloan in her Weekly Sew Along.  I had quite a bit of fun and created several new blocks that I would never have tried on my own.  Plus, there are quite a few of these blocks that I now would just love to make an entire quilt out of.  I just signed up to do her BOM and her weekly sew along, also.

I am disappointed that this picture did not show up very nicely.  I will have to have Hubby take pictures to post in the Month that it will be completed.  In the past couple of years, I have really fallen in love with hand embroidery once again.  This is one of the projects that helped bring those feelings back to the surface again.  This quilt is going to be for my Nieces new little girl.  One of the choices that I seem to be going for more and more are easier patterns in baby to lap quilt sizes.  I am curious to see how long this phase lasts with me.

I have really fallen for Owl fabrics, Owl Patterns (quilts, hand embroidery, softies, even pillows...did I miss some?) and Owl Appliques!  Yet, I have not had the opportunity to play with very many of them.

I hope to make a big change where this is concerned throughout the year to come!  I have no idea when I had the opportunity to put this baby quilt top together.  Then the other question to be answered is what took me away from finishing this adorable fun quilt?  I am pretty positive I will never remember the answer.  Since it is on my finish list for this year, I look forward to getting it quilted and finished.  Have you done any Owl Quilts or did you discover another cutie Animal that you just fell for?  I would love to  hear all about it and even better see pictures!

I do remember my friend Deanna and I working together on this quilt.  Plus, so many other special quilts together.  I am sorry to say that we somehow stopped seeing and talking to one another.  I still love her and miss her and her smile and laughter so much.

I just wanted to share a few close up pictures of some of the fussy cutting we did.  It was very difficult to get these cute animals to be featured.  I should say that for this quilt we were using scraps and that part, I can not tell you any thing about another quilt or if we were given the scraps or what.  Sorry, but we did a pretty good job.  In my opinion.

The little smiling frogs and the long alligator smiling are both so adorable!  How ever in the world do many of us little girls grow into girls who just scream with horror at the thought of touching one of these adorable green ribbiting frogs?  LOL.   Now the Alligator, once they get big enough to bite....oh yeah, I agree with not wanting anything to do with them except at a great big distance like on TV!!

I wanted to share the Elephant also.  Mainly because I am starting to get all girlie about Elephant fabrics and patterns also.  So on to see what other wonderful adventures await me in this year of UFO Adventures!

This delightful quilt was created from June until the end of July 2018 as a week by week sew along.  The designer is Julie Cefalu of the The Crafty Quilter Blog.  I had such a marvelous time creating this quilt, I know that I will do another quilt along with her if she decides to do one this year!  HINT HINT Julie

We had company visit just as I was finishing this quilt and it was set aside and life got in the way.  I believe this quilt is my youngest UFO and I really am looking forward to finishing it.  It is always strange the way that the world works and therefore something tells me that this quilt will most likely end up being one of my last quilts to finish.  LOL.


The photo above is a quilt back for the quilt below.  I have always enjoyed creating Scrap Quilts and very often have created two sided quilts using a very simple pattern for the backing.  In that respect when you go to quilt the quilt you are not having to worry about how the quilt design you have chosen for the front will effect the back or even vice versa.

I follow Carole @ From My Carolina Home Blog and this lovely scrap quilt is one of her Majestic Mystery Quilts that she has been sharing for several years now.  Do not quote me, but I think I have made 4 of her Mystery Quilts and loved each and every one of them.   With the Top and the Backing, I need to add borders to have them match in size.  I do all of my own quilting.  The majority of the time, I use my Mothers 301A Singer machine for straight line stitching and as long as their is not much loft for quilting.  If there is any amount of loft, I just guess, then I use my PFAFF that my Father gave to me a couple of years before he passed away.  With it I am slowly learning how to do Free Motion Quilting and also use his machine for Applique with any type of fancy stitches and just have a blast.  So throughout the year, I look forward to playing and learning on both machines while finishing each and every one of these 12 quilts.  Plus, I also hope to start and complete several more quilts along the way!

This is just one of the many Christmas projects that I have discovered while organizing my Fabric Storage Room.  I do all of my sewing at the Kitchen table.  I love all of the space the kitchen table has to offer and of course the lighting is fantastic.  This quilt was made with a whole lot of love and a bunch of scraps!!  The perfect combination.

I keep my eyes open for all of these fun Christmas Fabrics at Garage Sales and Second Hand Stores due to the fact that I am honestly still in love with all of them.  LOL.  I still have a few scraps left, enough to make a small table runner.  I hope to make it this year.

These adorable little elves were added as a border just to add some extra fun to this Christmas Quilt.  I thoroughly enjoy creating Christmas Projects!

Oh Me, Oh My...this is my last quilt to share!  Plus, if I am counting correctly, it is an extra one.  That is perfectly fine with me because as I stated, I do plan on finishing as many UFO's as I possible can this year.  This baby quilt is another quilt that I am practicing Free Motion Quilting on.  It can not be a good idea to step away from it for this long of a period though.  I do not remember this one at all.  It is made with the same flannel owl fabric as used in an earlier quilt shown.  So I shall find out and let you know when I share this adventure in the month that it is completed.

Sorry that it took me forever to share my 12 plus projects.  I hope that I did not bore you in any way.  I would love to hear your opinions and suggestions in the comments.  I am a person who just uses a computer but honestly does not know how to "use" a computer.  So please be patient!  Thank you so much for stopping by!

Have a fantastic day!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2019


I discovered these in a tote that some how had gotten moved out of my fabric storage room.  These will make a fun project.  No matter what I decide to create with them!!

March 17,2008   Seems to be the first date that I began posting about my Quilt Journey.  I have loved each and every seam I have sewn and even every seam that I have had to rip out!  LOL.  Although, in true honesty, from November 17, 2017 until now.  I have been struggling so much with a depression because my Dad passed away on that date and he is the real reason I began quilting.  He is the reason, I fell totally in love with Quilting and he was my Number 1 Fan with each and every project I have made from the day he gave me all of the scrap fabrics, threads, tools and his support all of those marvelous years ago.  Let me share with you my very first post.

And It Came To Pass

My father began quilting years ago. Well last year for some reason I was bored and thought I should make a quilt, dad always enjoys it. So, I asked him if I could have some of his scraps and explained I was going to try a quilt. He was very helpful and filled a huge plastic storage box with fabrics of all sorts. Then he gave me some threads and cutting mats and some good information. Throughtout the year, he has continued to give me scraps and rotary cutters, threads and needles. Always helping out and surprising me with new things.

Well my first quilts were nothing to jump up and down about. But I fell in love with the adventure and have more or less become obsessed. I am definetly a beginner, but am improving---can even match seams up. As soon as my dear hubby shows me how I will download some pictures.

Currently I am working on two projects; the first is NightTime: the first star quilt I have attempted. It did not turn out too shabby. I am waiting for the weather to improve some before I lay out the backing, batting and top to prepare for quilting. The second is a scrap quilt that I am quilting as I go and then adding a star applique to the top of the block. Have not decided where to go from there yet.

Well, I hope you enjoy your day and feel free to leave a comment. Brenda

Now, my thought was that I was going to reintroduce myself a tad bit and then get started sharing the 12 UFO Projects that I have picked out and decided to do for the UFO Challenge for 2019.  I am honestly very excited about it.  I have not been excited about a quilt in so long, I did not know if I would ever get it back again.  Thankfully, it is and full force.  I had planned two items to tell you about and then show you, also.  The first was going to be introducing myself in a whole new Blog.  Come to find out, this whole blog world has changed up quite a bit.  Basically, it all boils down to the fact that every thing that I tried failed big time.  So over a period of time, I will just somehow get this one all updated.  LOL....if I am capable of doing that!!!  Believe me, I am not good at this computer stuff, but I am excited to start blogging again (finally) and sharing my love of quilting with other quilters who love quilting also.

 Julie of The Craft Quilter Blog has a UFO/WIP CHALLENGE FOR 2019

and I signed up right away with a lot of enthusiasm!  Here is the link to her post on her blog if you would like to join the fun for the year!

Since I have already written a fairly long post, I will wait until tomorrow and do a bit of a reintroduction of myself and then post information and photos of my 12 UFO Projects that I have chosen for Julie's Challenge for 2019.  I hope that you will join all of us also!

I am not quite certain what I will do with this lovely individual fabric piece.  Although, I do know the perfect family member who I will be giving it to when it is all finished!  Has this ever happened to you?

Thank you for stopping by!  Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

Your fellow quilter Brenda

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


These star blocks were fun to make.  Yet, the entire quilt has taken me quite a long time to complete.  In each of the blocks, 3 varieties of purple fabrics were used and one white background.  Although I had selected a large variety of purples, quite a few of them had to be used a couple of times.  It is rather sad that our bed is only a queen and the quilt is made to fit a California King.

I folded one row completely under in order to keep it from touching the floor.  My wonderful dog Dodger is black and turning grey and sheds enough hair every single day to fill a coffee can.  The vet has informed us that some dogs just do this, we were worried she was sick or very stressed.  Yet, she has done this since she was a puppy and has never had any bald spots.  Oh yeah, back to the quilt.

In this photo, many of the purples look dull and actually not any shade of purple.  I totally am in love with the quilt, but at the same time can not wait to mail it to the special friend that it is for.  I was going  to put a scalloped border around it and found a fantastic video tutorial, but things just did not work out for me.  I will have to try again on another quilt.

While finishing this lovely huge quilt, I began organizing my fabric/guest room and became overwhelmed with the number of unfinished projects that I have accumulated.  Both in quilts and hand embroidery projects, plus even a couple of blouses that need to be finished.  I have several friends online who post blogs daily and are such wonderful people, because of them and their unknowing influence, I am definitely going to start blogging once again.  This go around is going to be mainly about accomplishing finishing each and every one of my unfinished projects and once in awhile doing some of the home improvement projects that I have wanted to do and also creating a quilt that I just feel the urge to.

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I love to read comments and will respond as quickly as I can.  Have a spectacular day tomorrow!