Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Saving Pictures

Today, September 5, 2018 I am going to begin learning how to do numerous new tasks on my new computer.  I just need a post to play with.  This is a quilt that I am making for a very special person in my life, she is the God Mother to my only child.  Plus, she is my Mothers Best Friend and like a second Mother to me.  Believe me this photo is makes the majority of all of the colors just disappear and look so boring.  But in reality, it is beautiful.  I will be showing this to my husband and when I take the next set of photos, it will not be me taking the next photos!  So, off I go to begin learning.  Have a great day!

Monday, August 28, 2017


I signed up for Pat Sloans  GRANDMA'S KITCHEN SEW ALONG on June 28, 2017 (well actually a tad bit earlier than that...but not exactly sure).  I had tried to do a couple of her other sew along's and failed miserably due to life in general.  I am hoping that life has settled down enough that I can keep up with this one!

The block pictured below is titled  "Half A Modern" by Pat.  She gives a wonderful descriptive story about Why she names her blocks what she does and how it relates to one or both of her Grandmothers Kitchens.  She asks that we share a part of our memories with her.  Only, sadly due to my memory loss, I really can not do that.  I think that is another reason I also really want to complete this quilt.  I may explain later, but not now.
Block 4  "HALF A MODERN"

This is Block 5 titled...Glasses and Cups.  I have chosen a wide variety of fabrics for this Sew Along with Pat Sloan.  I have chosen 2 main fabrics with Fruits, plus a third main fabric with small red apples as my backing fabric but if needed it can easily be used in the blocks also.  I have also chosen a wide variety of  fabrics ranging from solids to the one below featuring the large variety of apples with black as the background. 

I have also chosen a wide variety of  fabrics ranging from solids to the one below featuring the large variety of apples with black as the background. Being that my blocks are rather on a sort of "scrappy" choice, I went ahead and chose white on white as my main block fabric.  Yet, I also have used several different selections that I have available.  It always feels wonderful to use up bits and pieces of scraps!  So all in all, I am having a great time with this Sew Along.

This is my quilt top at this stage...all blocks are sewn together into rows into the Double Sized Quilt Top!  I think it turned out spectacular!  Of course, each Scrappy Mystery Quilt I have participated in of Carole's from From My Carolina Home Blog has been a favorite and all of them are loved dearly!  I have not decided how to finish this one off.  Carole has a great detailed border included in her pattern, but the room and bed that this quilt will be covering, the border would be lost.  So, I am trying to figure out something else.  Yet, it may be quite awhile due to the fact that I am working on three other quilts at this time.  My oh My, what did I get myself into?

Thank you for stopping by!  I love to receive comments and I respond as soon as I am able!  Have a great day!     Brenda

Saturday, July 8, 2017


As of today, July 8th, 2017, I completed the second block of Pat Sloan's Grandma's Kitchen Challenge Quilt Along that will last until November with a new block every other Wednesday.  I have decided to use a fairly large variety of fabrics.  Ranging from printed fabrics with fruits and vegetables to a selection of yellows, oranges and possibly some browns and blacks, along with a variety of white on whites.  So far, I am really enjoying myself and truly hope to keep up with this Quilt Along.

Thank You for stopping by and have a great day!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Grandmas Kitchen Table

I have joined a sew along with Pat Sloan and at least 225 other quilters at this time, to make a block every Wednesday (or is it every other Wednesday).  This is the first block called Grandma's Kitchen Table.

Friday, April 14, 2017


Carole who blogs at FROM MY CAROLINA HOME (link below) has been a daily read of mine for several years now.  I truly have fallen in love with Carole's Mystery Quilts that is for sure, but she also designs so many other projects also that she shares quite often!  Plus, she has her patterns on sites such as Moda Bake Shop and Favorite Quilts and I know that she participates in some fun blog hops and puts together at least one of her own each year.  Can you tell, I really do enjoy her blog!  I truly do advise you to check her site out for yourself and it is never to late to join in the fun of the Two Step Scrap Dance Mystery Quilt Along.

I have chosen this year to use 4 colors.  White for my Background, Green, Browns and Blues all in a variety of scraps (yet rather controlled scraps this time around) for my choices this year.  I once again loaded the pictures in the wrong order, so above is actually the second step and I am not completely finished with these.  I still have the greens to go.

Another fun fact I would like to share with you is that I have never made Quarter Square Triangles before.  In over 10 years of quilting, I have always avoided them.  They appeared much to difficult and this quilter was just not worried about them at all.  So no, Carole was not happy enough that she got me so in love with making Half Square Triangles through her fabulous pattern designs.  She got me to learn these.  I am not quite as in love with these yet, but they are not hard to make at all!  Plus, she is wonderful at helping out when asked for help!  Believe me, I have asked for help in every quilt...NOT due to Carole at all; I have a messed up brain.  She just jumps right in and helps me out always.

This is Step One all done up quick and easy.  I am a total Scrap Quilt Lover, have been since I started quilting.  Sometimes it is very easy to pick the fabrics you want to use and other times it can seem like it is the hardest thing.  This is rather half and half.  With the help of a friend, the decision to choose the 4 colors was fairly easy.  Yet, choosing the actual Scraps for the fabrics was a bit harder.  Thankfully, I have an assortment of various sized blocks cut at all times and they are placed into specific labeled boxes.  Plus, I also have a large tote that fabric scraps just get tossed into from fat quarters with corners cut off to one and a half inch squares that I just did not want to put away properly at that point and time (very wrong choice believe me).  So at least,  I did not have to cut into any big pieces of fabric. 

So, after I complete the remainder of the QST's I have Step 3 to complete before the 21st of April.  I will have no problem doing this as long as I do not get to distracted by the Spring weather that is finally starting to peek a tad and I mean a tad bit here.  Hubby and I are off for a family gathering.  Thanks for stopping by and I love to read comments and I try to respond to each one!  Have a great day!