Thursday, June 27, 2019


Lots of Pictures

At the beginning of this year, Kevin and I were planning on moving to Wyoming.  Yet, it is amazing how God will change your plans at the blink of an eye.  Leaving you very lost and confused until he begins to reveal to us his reasons.  His first reason was made clear right away when my Mother become so sick and now almost 7 months later, she is still recovering.  There are actually several other reasons but I can not go into any details.  Just know they are a special blessing!
So what do ROOSTERS AND CHICKENS have to do with any of what I have just written?  Here is the all the years that Kevin and I have been together, we have never truly decorated our home in any real sense.  After we decided that we would be staying in Southern Oregon as long as my Mom needs our help, I mentioned to Kevin that I have been thinking of decorating the kitchen with Roosters mainly but also Chickens if they cute and fit in.  I was shocked when he said he thought that it was a wonderful idea.  He was the one who found the Tea Set at a garage sale for a next to nothing price.  Especially since the original price was still on it and it had never been opened from quite a few years ago.  I am not a big Tea drinker, but I do enjoy drinking Coffee!!  I have not found the perfect spot for them yet.

The picture above is the backing for the Rooster Mat that I created to put under our dish rack.  Being that it is just the two of us, we wash our dishes by hand and then let them air dry.  We have always just used an old towel folded beneath the rack and I went ahead and used a towel cut to this specific size instead of any batting.  Then I quilted it using my walking foot with just some straight stitches and then stitched a double fold binding down using my Singer 301A.  We are on the lookout for a couple more to use as parts machines or possibly if they are in really great shape, I will retire this one and use one of the others instead.

Kevin built a set of shelves for on top of a counter area that we did not need for anything.  Yet due to the fact that our home is a very old home, it does not have very much storage.  He had left the shelves open for easy access and that worked well except for the fact that it seemed every dust particle found its way to this shelving unit.  Plus, let me not forget to mention all of the animal hair that gladly found its way to this location also. every way!  So, I made these simple curtain "covers" that everyone has commented on when they see them.  I had a lot of fun planning these out and creating them.  I made sure to keep everything simple and in large sections that way if and when we decide to go in a different decorating theme, I can use the material for something else.

I still have a few more dish drain projects to create and I am also working on some hand embroidered Tea Towels (they will take me some time) and I would also like to make some pot holders also.  If you can think of any item that I have forgotten that would be great in a kitchen, I would love to hear your idea!  Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you have a marvelous day!


  1. I've collected chickens and roosters for my kitchen for years, and I love your tea set!!

  2. Hi Brenda! Well, this is a fun post to read about. I'm glad your mother is doing better and I'm happy to hear you are able to stick around and assist her as needed. This theme is just PERFECT for a kitchen, and I suspect you'll be able to find lots of different things to highlight this theme. I remember rooster and chicken salt/pepper shakers back in my past sometime. ~smile~ Roseanne