Saturday, April 19, 2008

Being Away....

Being away from home is not always a pleasant experience. My mother was admitted into the hospital on Friday morning for pnemonia. Therefore, I spent all day Friday and all day today at the hospital with my mother. Its not really necessary, I just feel better being there and hopefully she feels a little bit more relaxed so to say knowing I am there. My mother works in the Dietary department of the hospital and has for the past 21 everyone knows her and stop in and see how she is doing. But under strict doctor and nurses orders she is really not supposed to talk much so I shoo everyone away rather quickly. The only other thing I do is embroider. I have accomplished quite a few of my flower blocks that will eventually go in with some braided blocks I have made up. I do not consider it an unfinished item because I work off and on doing the 50 embroidery blocks, but it will still take me a long time. But just sitting and embroidering is actually rather tiring. I feel more exhausted now than when I do tons of physical labor. Well tomorrow and most likely Monday will be spent at the hospital...then we'll see if the doctor will release her. I also need to go over tomorrow and clean up the house for her a tad bit. Always feel better when the house it clean and my mother is close to being a fanatic in I know it will help her feel better. Well thanks for letting me write about my life.


  1. Oh, Brenda,

    So sorry to hear about your mom. I'l keep her in my prayers. I know how sitting in the hospital in not much fun. I was there with my mom a couple years ago. But she is all better, and busy as ever. Enjoy your embroidery, but get up and take walks around the hospital once in a while. Go browse in the gift shop. They might have neat things there to see. Maybe inspiration for something you want to do.

    When you get a chance, post a few of your embroidery blocks. I'd love to see them.

    Take care of yourself also,

  2. ps...

    Keep us updated on your mom. And yes, your sitting there does make her more relaxed. After my mom was better she told me how my being there let her relax, because she new I'd watch over things. I'm sure it is the same with your mom also. So prayers for you and your mom (and your family),