Monday, April 28, 2008

Pictures of my Appliques

Here are the applique flowers I am working on. Now with all my new fabrics; the possabilities are endless.... the off white fabric blocks look green because the roofing over our porch is that green plastic stuff...I will try to remember that it changes the appearance and not take pictures on the back porch again.

With this applique I put the wonder under on one piece of fabric, then placed a second piece of fabric under (right sides together) and drew the shape. Then with a straight stitch I followed the diagram around, leaving a small opening for turning. Then cut about 1/16 all the way around, except the opening area-there I left about 1/4. Turned it all the right way, pushed the seams outward and then ironed the two together. I used a blanket stitch to attach them to the block. I enjoyed this method also.

This flower applique is raw edge also; but, on the back of the block I fused the Wonder Under also. It helped so much with no puckering of the materials, it was great. I will definetly be sticking with that step on all my appliques from here on out.

Another picture of the applique flowers.

This is one of the raw edge flowers I am practicing.

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