Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Day At The Coast/continued

Yesterday my father and I took my mother to the coast for Mothers Day. We had such a wonderful time. With mom still gaining strength from being so sick; we decided it would be best to go Saturday and allow Sunday as a relaxing day. It was a bit chilly and therefore we did not spend a great deal of time outside of the car. Mom and I took Dodger and Frankie for some little walks; the two dogs loved it...not many people around so we let them off the leashes and run, run, run. We did see some sea lions sleeping on some rocks in the bay; quite a few people were crabbing and fishing also. I really loved just listening to the waves coming in, there is something so calming about that. I also enjoyed all of the various flowers, so many new and unusual kinds. It started sprinkling just as we were leaving.

Today I am working on another Tulips wallhanging; this one is for my mother. Alright, I know it should be done...but I did not get it finished. Thankfully my mother understands. I added a couple butterflies to hers, will show picture tomorrow. Guess I should go and finish. Have a wonderful Mothers Day!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time. I love the beach when it's empty. My favourite time to go though is in stormy weather. We park up on top of a cliff and watch the waves crash against the rocks.
    Don't feel bad about your mum's quilt, I'm doing a quilt for my mum's 65th birthday. It was last December and I still haven't got the top together yet.

    love and hugs xxx