Thursday, May 15, 2008

I always do that!

I apologize, I always try to write things under the pictures; but always do something wrong and end up having to post my message seperately. Some day I may be able to figure out all the computer know hows. But until that time, please bear with me.

The pictures below are of the irisis in my front yard (Dodger loves to play jump over the iris' and see which one hits the ground) so even though they are so pretty; after they stop blooming they will be moved to another location out of the Super Dodger jumping path. The other picture is of one of our "snowball" trees in bloom. I do not know the correct name I just use snowball. They are so beautiful. And when they begin to fall, the whole ground below turns white just like snow.

The last picture is of a recent swap I was first one. On the Quilting For All Forum it is a monthly one on one swap to get to know other members on a more personal level. It was a lot of fun. She sent me four FQ, sewing machine needles, 2 postcards, a nice card and an Easy Angle Ruler. Such a fun interesting person (I will not post her name...just for privacy issues) and does so much with quilting. I will definetly be entering more Swaps. I will post again later about some of the surprises my mother gave me. Have to go and do a few things.

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