Friday, August 1, 2008


Holly at has a fat quarter drawing that I won YIPEE and I received it in the mail today along with the pretty card and the quilted trinket. I have a project in mind for the fabric and the trinket I am going to use to keep my embroidery needles in it will work wonderfully. Thanks Holly!! I love everything.

This is a hardcover project book that I found at a garage sale for 1 dollar. I think the lion placemats will be fun to make someday...but what really attracted me to the purchase was all the applique shapes that can be used in any type of project.

This hardcover quilting book was discovered at a garage sale for 4 dollars; I offered 2 dollars and they accepted. It has 26 quilt patterns that invlove bias triangles, squares and rectangles and how to cut them easily. I have not tried anything like these patterns offered so am reading and trying to understand it all. Which takes my brain a lot of time to figure out and hold onto the directions. Hee-Hee so may be awhile before I do attempt.

This is a quilting calander; it has 365 quilt block patterns. The calander is out of date but the patterns are not, most of them will work fabulously for the post cards that I enjoy making. I found this treasure at a garage sale for two dollars!


  1. What wonderful finds. If you're like me, you can't wait to get started on something!

  2. for the link Brenda. I am glad you like the fabric and ornament.

    I have one of those calendars too. Hubby gave it too me for Christmas 2 years ago. They have great patterns in them.

    Great find on those books.