Sunday, October 19, 2008


Here is a front view of my latest project. Decoupaging fabric onto our mailbox; it was quite easy to do and aside from waiting long hours inbetween drying times it was enjoyable.

Kevin is not totally thrilled with the fabric I chose; it is so bold no one will miss it. I love the feel of ocean waves it gives. So it will be put back up in its correct spot outside today and the neighbors will no longer have to see the beat up rusted old mailbox. My friend and landlord Maureen just loved it!

This is the front of a lap quilt I made sometime last year and it sat forever needing to be quilted. With my goal of finishing all UFOs by the end of this month, I pulled it out some time ago and decided to hand quilt it.

This is the design I chose. I just lightly drew with the help of a plastic stencil and then randomly placed them throughtout the back of the quilt. I chose blue embroidery thread and proceeded to embroidery the design. It was a nice way to spend time watching movies in the evening; well when Dodger would allow me to do it without her being in my lap anyway. LOL.

We are going to go to Roseburg tomorrow for the day, which means a stop at Jo Ann Fabrics. I am going to check on the prices of a quilting frame and a couple of rulers I have been wanting. Who knows what I will bring home. LOL.

Today I am going to make myself a new blouse for the outing. I will be drawing the names tomorrow morning and will post the information and contact winners on Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. WOW....I like that mail box! My hubby would FLIP if I did something like that..we have the most boring looking mail box ever! I want to paint it like some of the cute ones I saw in Dalarna, Sweden this past summer. But I'd have to do it in secret and deal with his shock later!

    Can you watch movies and sew at the same time? with a machine? doesn't it make too much noise?

    Good for you getting your UFOs finished! Have fun on your outing to the big city! lol

  2. No way will the mailman miss it....LOL....What a great way to dress-up an old box. Love it!

  3. What a fabulous mail box ... there is no way the mailman can miss that on a gloomy day!