Monday, May 25, 2009


We arrived here two weeks ago. The trip itself, aside from being long, went rather smoothly. We arrived at about 2 am, slept for a few hours and then headed for Fort Stockton (about 32 miles away) to rent a storage unit and unload the truck.

Kevins Uncle Tex, a true Texan, rounded up a couple of kids and they helped unload. I can not thank them or Tex enough for all the help they were. It would have taken Kevin and I 10 hours or more to get it unloaded, being as tired and out of physical shape to do it. I gave them a couple of my quilts on top of some $$ because of how grateful we were.

After that we really just lazed around, taking naps off and on, for about 4 days. The first couple of days were hot and not being used to this kind of heat, we felt the difference. Then we began looking for a place to rent (preferably a house) only to discover that Grand Falls, Fort Stockton and Monahans do not have any available housing for anyone at this point and time. Evidently because of the way oil prices have been going, every oil rig worker in America are in Texas. Which means for the time being we will be living with his mother until something opens up.

Kevins mother, Shirley is a wonderful person of 80 and is so thrilled that Kevin and I are here, I really do not think she wants us to move out. LOL. I quickly learned where Kevin picked up his talent for being a pack rat. He is so mild compared to her, I have already began teasing her. She just laughs and says, but you would not believe the amount of things I have thrown away in the past year. She is also a very independent woman; she does not want me to wash the dishes because that is a job that she can still do and she does not want me to take it away from her. She says she will ask me to do something when she needs it............I have sneakely succeeded in taking out the trash and hanging up some of her clothes out on the clothes line.

My biggest sorrow so far has been that I do not have any of my sewing/quilting available. We talked about it last night and I asked her if it would be alright to bring in my stuff. She said she had already thought of it and we will just have to rearrange the living room area and make room for whatever I need! I really thought that was special of her. So the next time we go to Fort Stockton I will be raring to go. Rediscovering all of my stuff all over again. Yipee........Yipee......!!

I hope you all have not given up on me and will stop by again and leave a comment; I sure have missed blogging and communication with everyone!


  1. Good to see you back on line! Hope the new place works out well.


  2. Welcome back my friend all the Posty Pals missed you!!!!.I know ou will be so glad to be settled in youar own space when the time comes but meanwile Kevin's mom in a lucky lady to have you and Kevin with her.When you have time drop me your mailing address. Many hugs, Marie

  3. I've missed you! Glad you are safe and sound. Hope you really like it there and you are able to get back to quilting soon. Take care.