Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The three quilts pictured are a couple of my favorites. But the list grows all of the time. With the completion of a quilt; the really hard part comes next.
Choosing a new quilt pattern or quilt block pattern. I really do believe that is the hardest part of quilting. Not only do we have books and magazines, friends that have patterns to share, we have our own creativity (mine is not a treasured one...so used seldom on its own) and we have MILLIONS of websites. Each showing a various color scheme, settings and various methods of assembling and quilting.
I spend many hours going through each book and magazine I have time and again. Thinking and dreaming, at other times I spend hours on the computer browsing here and there and always finding things of interest and printing and/or saving patterns galore. We do not have cable, but I have discovered all of the videos online about quilting. Some just a minute or so and some that reveal the whole show! I enjoy it all.
But boy do I per say "waste" a lot of time spent looking and not doing. LOL. I did decide, after searching through all of my books....to do an all half square quilt back for the Double Wedding Ring Quilt. Making the half squares is the easiest part .........I discovered through shuffling all of the ways to change the look and appearance. Oh such fun!!!
How do you find the pattern you want to do next?

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  1. Brenda, So glad to see you blogging again, but I can't say much, Seeing it has been 7 months for me. I went back through your posts this fall, and your quilting has definately improved!! Great job! And I love your sewing room so far! HUGS!!