Thursday, January 20, 2011


The Double Wedding Ring Quilt Top has been in the works for quite awhile.  When I finally finished sewing all of the arcs and rows was set aside once again; while I created the back.

Creating the back has been somewhat of a challenge and wonderful experience.  As you can see on SCRAPS WITH ATTITUDE, I basically created a pattern from scraps, the layout (to a degree...LoneStar) but with no pattern and my brain waves has its own uniqueness.  But I really like it. 

Now, I kept trying to fiqure out if the back and top were of compatable size relationships.  But only having a small section of floor available...laying them out was going to be a great monster of a disaster.  I finally decided that quilting the top first (giving it stablization) and then laying the back down would work best. 

I took the necessary steps to pin the top to the batting (which is a blanket) .  Wow what a lot of work for just a small portion ....oh by the way...I only pinned half of the top because I ran out of floor.  Another good reason for doing this off beat way.  Once finished pinning, I realized very quickly that my sewing table was not a good idea.  Good thing I can move my sewing machine into the dining room with the big table to drape the quilt upon. 

I was overwhelmed for a short time, just kind of starring at the task before me....but pulled up my sleeves and said "I CAN DO THIS"  chose a stitch and the walking foot and began; not really with any idea of where I was actually going to quilt.   I just went where it felt good and in about 8 hours time, I have half of the half done.  Tomorrow I will begin finishing the other half of the first half.  Does that not sound so grand and pathetic at the same time?  My arms are a tad bit is a heavy quilt already.  Have a grand day!

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