Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This is not the quilt I am working on at this time.....but.....CHICCA is one of the issues that I face every step but especially when I lay it out to pin it.  She comes from wherever and has to lay this way and that way, meowing in annoyance when I make her move.  Literally at times, I have to just roll her off in order to reposisition the quilt. 

I did learn one important tidbit this morning on a site;  the method I am doing for this super king sized quilt is called "Birthing".  You basically quilt the top with the batting then lay the backing on top (right sides facing one another) and then sew them together along the edges.  So far I am glad that I chose this method, but I will not know for absolute until I reach the very last stitch.  Whenever that may be....LOL.

Working in sections, per say, has been helpful , but boy does it take time.  With having a small throat area to work in, I have to start and stop a whole bunch, reroll either side or both sides, take it out and spread it out then roll from the opposite directions.  One thing that has not happened, but keep waiting for it breaking the needle.  The weight of the quilt is outrageous and changing even the slightest direction, I feel like the needle is going to giveway and not hold it.  I am really thankful that I bought a walking foot when I bought the machine.  It has made this so much easier.  So far, not once, have I got puckers...again I am only half way through. 

The last thing is the amount of thread that is being used.   Which is more my doing than anything.  I chose to do a specialty stretch stitch (it does automatic backstitching every so often).  Plus, there are so many arcs and that is my main area of quilting.  I have tried to take close up pictures, but our camera does not take these type all are blurred.   

The last problem I will talk about is lack of space.  Trying to lay out, pin, lay out and roll in a small area is a task all on its own.  Even with all the minor/major issues I am enjoying this quilting process! 

Anyone have issues with quilting that I did not mention?  I would love to hear about them and how you deal with them!  Have a great day!


  1. Brenda this is a good post about quilting on the machine....a walking foot is great and saves on bunching on the back of the quilt. You have touched on all of the problems I have when quilting on the machine...a larger throat area would be great.

  2. It must be inherent that the cats are going to 'help' with any quilting. Very cute picture.