Thursday, April 19, 2012


I found the pattern for this 50x50 baby quilt in a book SIMPLE STRATEGIES FOR BLOCK-SWAP QUILTS by Lynn Roddy Brown.  The pattern is called Lattice Make a Quilt.  Her directions were precise and easy to follow.  The only part I had trouble with was figuring out how to layout the On Point design.  You see, I did not make as many blocks as was required for her quilt which was to large for a baby quilt.  So, I chose to make 8 of each block.  Well after several alterations in layouts, I finally figured it out.  I will definetely be making another one of these quilts.

I also made the continuous binding and mitered the corners.  It was much easier this time.  I am so glad that I finally learned how to do both of these methods.  I am hooked and hopefully will continue to get better.  I chose to fold the binding to the front and used a specialty stitch on my machine SERGER is the name of the stitch.  I really liked using it on the binding.  Trying out the various stitches is something I enjoy doing and experimenting with.

Finally, Dodger was sitting there just starring at me, like are you not going to take my picture, so I snapped her photo.  She is the best pet....except she loves to pester me while sewing (no actually, continually all day and night) to go outside and throw her ball.  She rests her head on my knee and looks up at me with those pitiful eyes and then moans.  Very seldom can I resist for very long.

Have a great day creating!


  1. The baby quilt looks great. I really like what you did to the border corners of the quilt.

  2. beautiful baby quilt.
    I am sure Dodger is looking at it and saying - I was helping too!