Monday, April 11, 2016


I began Pinterest awhile ago, but it took some time to get into it and even longer to really understand it.  Slowly, then rather quickly, I was hooked and pinning like crazy.  LOL.  Awhile ago, I discovered DIY Wreaths and have been checking out posts of every possible kind imaginable.  I had never really paid that much attention to wreaths, except at Christmas time, and after discovering Pinterest and all it has to offer in connecting up with people sharing their interests it is totally amazing the brilliance and creativity of individuals making wreaths and of course thousands of other crafts.

It took me a very long time to decide on what to try and create first.  Believe me that was not an easy task at all!  In the months it took me to decide to what materials to use, I actually had to begin getting the supplies.  Which is really funny because how can you get supplies for something that you have no idea what you are doing.  Thankfully, as I am browsing Pinterest looking and pinning Wreaths, I am also pinning DIY Fabric Flowers and Gift Wrapping along with making Ribbon Flowers and Bows.  These items are really fantastic and people again make some gorgeous items.  I have began creating a few Felt Flowers and they are so much fun; I highly recommend checking each of these crafts out and seeing if you would find them fun to do for gift wrapping or putting on a wreath, plus so many other options.  Oh yes, back to my post.....I also discovered POM POMs!  Do you remember making these?   I had to give them a try and pretty soon, I was trying two and three colors at a time.  My friend Deanna told me about a video where a lady showed you how to make multiple POM POMs at a time.  My hubby, sweetheart that he is, made me and Deanna a special POM POM maker and it is terrific.  We can make 6 medium sized ones at a time.

So I was hooked on making yarn POM POMs and knew finally what my main focus was going to be for my wreath.  I figured about 20 would cover the Dollar Store wreath form in no time.  Set up the hot glue gun, cut out some satin fabric to wind around the wreath form to make sure the surface was covered if the POM POMs did not cover every spot.  Then began hot gluing the POM POMs onto the circles of felt, letting it dry and then hot gluing the felt onto the fabric on the wreath form.  Wait a moment...that only covered a tiny little section.  Time to make about 80 more POM POMs!  No joking.  It took a ton of those POM POMs to cover the wreath form.  I had a blast making them, each and every one, but boy did I have a couple of blisters!

Hubby, Deanna and I had stopped at a couple of garage sales one Saturday morning before coming out to the house to sew for the day and boy were we glad that we did!  We got some great stuff for crafting and sewing and hubby for his hobbies.  The plastic flowers that I added to the Wreath added just the right touch to MOMs Birthday Present!  She really loved it!  All bright spring colors and it has been quite some time since she has had a wreath on her door. 

Well that's about it for now.  I have rambled on long enough.  I had fun making it and fun telling you about it!  Have a fantastic creative day!    Brenda

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