Monday, March 17, 2008

And It Came To Pass

My father began quilting years ago. Well last year for some reason I was bored and thought I should make a quilt, dad always enjoys it. So, I asked him if I could have some of his scraps and explained I was going to try a quilt. He was very helpful and filled a huge plastic storage box with fabrics of all sorts. Then he gave me some threads and cutting mats and some good information. Throughtout the year, he has continued to give me scraps and rotary cutters, threads and needles. Always helping out and surprising me with new things.

Well my first quilts were nothing to jump up and down about. But I fell in love with the adventure and have more or less become obsessed. I am definetly a beginner, but am improving---can even match seams up. As soon as my dear hubby shows me how I will download some pictures.

Currently I am working on two projects; the first is NightTime: the first star quilt I have attempted. It did not turn out too shabby. I am waiting for the weather to improve some before I lay out the backing, batting and top to prepare for quilting. The second is a scrap quilt that I am quilting as I go and then adding a star applique to the top of the block. Have not decided where to go from there yet.

Well, I hope you enjoy your day and feel free to leave a comment. Brenda

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