Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cleaning Day

Yesterday, I spent a lot of time drawing my star shapes onto the interfacing. Cutting them out and sewing them onto the fabric. Last night I began trimming the stars and turning them inside out. It is really time consuming to do 49 star appliques. Hopefully, it will add the extra character to this quilt that I am striving for. Hubby said on his day off he will try and teach me how to post pictures and add some extra pizzazz to this site.

Today is my daughters 22 birthday. I just finished talking to her. No plans to celebrate today-only because Grandpa and Grandma are going to spend a week, so they are going to celebrate on Thursday. I made her two pillows with heart appliques. She likes orange, so I used a couple different fabrics and I think they turned out pretty spiffy.

Mainly have cleaned house today. Organized the sewing room a tad bit and am getting ready to cut out some more stars (only 20 more to go) then I will begin sewing them to the quilt blocks. I really enjoy applique, but am only beginning and am using very simple shapes and sizes. Do any of you applique? What are your favorite methods?

Have a wonderful day. Brenda

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  1. OK, I can't resist commenting on your orange pillow. I love how you divided the tops diagonally, and treated each half indepenantly. These are very bright, and should perk up anyone in the room with them. I love them!