Thursday, March 27, 2008

Back to the TWO

I had planned on adding this picture yesterday, but for some reason the computer went on a long.....break. Kevin had it up and going within a few minutes after he got home from work. I leave all of those kind of problems to him. I am not a computer person.

This quilt is another scrap quilt, I thought that adding the star appliques it would give it a different effect. Then it needed a softer touch, so I decided to use some flannel and make a rag style border. For being my first large applique project; I am pleased. Kevin has a blog himself and yesterday before going to work, he uploaded pictures of some of the quilts, aphagans and shirts that I have made to share with his friends online.

When he got the computer going, he checked his blog and discovered that over 400 people had came and viewed. We even had several requests for me to make certain quilts-but in different colors and one person actually wants to buy one. I was so tickled and awed, plus excited because I am trying to sell a few of my quilts for I can buy a new sewing machine. I love the one I have it was my mothers first sewing machine; it is a Singer and made in the 50's sometime. It does a really nice job but does not have any special stitches. So, I borrow my dads to do the applique right now. But, hopefully if I can sell some, I could get my machine a lot sooner than planned.

Well enjoy your day. I have started a new quilt and must go and sew.

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