Saturday, March 29, 2008

Humor is a REQUIREMENT of quilting!!!

I make mistakes all of the time while I am quilting; no way to argue that one. On a forum that I watch and respond to now and again, the humor in mistakes has been a topic. The responses in this have been fun. I cringe at some of the mistakes and smile when a dog or cat are somehow included in the fault.

I can easily go along with that one; as noted and pictured Chicca and Dodger are always helping me in one form or another. This morning, they were plotting together, Chicca was underfoot and meowing like she never gets any attention; Dodger was sitting beside me and litterly moaning ; when neither of them got my attention; they decided to play chase around my feet ( I am sewing triangles together). Just when I am about to tell them to stop it--Chicca pounces up on the sewing machine table and triangles go flying everywhere. They both stop and look at me with this "What, we did not do anything!" kind of look. Well, low and behold a short while later one of the triangles is missing. I swore I picked them all up. Makes me wonder if Dodger sat on that one and then carried it away when I was not aware. But it will turn up in a strange place just wait and see.

The mistakes that we make are tiny to horrendous; but if we do not laugh and have fun with them quilting would become a tragedy that was not enjoyable. When I first started quilting I would look at all of these Magnificent creations that people had made and really be hard on myself for not doing better. Plus, saying there is no way that I will ever be able to do something of that perfection. I was letting it be depressing. Then a fellow quilter said why do you do that? One you are just learning--do you think none of these people cringed at their first quilts. Some people are very lucky and quilting just comes naturally that is true, but the majority of quilters take quite a few quilts before they really get the hang of it. As with any other craft or profession it takes a lot of time and effort to create a MasterPiece. So have fun and enjoy, most of the people who receive the quilts you have made could care less about the huge pucker or the upside down block in the middle of the quilt that you missed and did not want to rip out the whole thing. Besides that if they do notice it, most likely they are going to think it was put that way on purpose or they just might laugh about it and give you a few good laughs.

Since that time, I have looked at my quilts from a very different point of view. Plus she was right, they are getting better and better. The quilt I am making for my mother for her birthday is a big step towards that masterpiece I will someday create. The colors and design all go together so beautifully. Some of my points are still off, but a **** of a lot closer than they were a year ago. I have to quilt it today and put on the binding, in a day or so I will post a picture.

Have a great day and remember to take a deep breath, curse a little and then laugh, laugh, laugh.

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