Saturday, April 5, 2008


Since yesterday was my mothers birthday; dad and I took her to dinner and to play Bingo at 7 Feathers Casino (about 45 minute drive). Mom and I both love to play Bingo and to play the machines. Dad tolerates Bingo, loves to eat at the smorgesborg (spelling wrong most likely)and play the machines as long as he is winning. I only go with them once in awhile and only take the Bingo money and an extra 20 to play the machines, once it is gone I follow my parents around and help them play. It is kind of funny, if they are winning they will hand me a five or ten and say go play a machine for awhile. I think it is because I do not usually help the winnings, I do not win very often at all. I only go now and then because Kevin and I can not afford to just waste money very often and since I do not seem to win it really makes since to only go now and then. Well, mom and dad were playing a quarter machine and I was smoking a cigarette away from dad--and what do you know they hit it for 400. Since we did not win at Bingo it was a wonderful birthday present for my mom. It was right after Bingo and we were just about to leave. Well, after that they both had to play a little longer. We did not get home until 1:00 am. Way past my bedtime.

Even though I slept in late, I just can not seem to get motivated. But after Kevin goes to work I must clean house and then maybe sit down and sew for awhile. Until then I am going to play on the computer for awhile and check out some blogs from other quilters.

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