Thursday, April 3, 2008

Woven Paths

I found this block at the QuiltBus site/QuiltersCache and it really caught my eye. It says that it is not a difficult pattern, just time consuming. I spent the last two days cutting all of the strips so today I am ready to start sewing. But, spring fever is really biting...yesterday afternoon it was beautiful here. This morning the grass is all covered with frost,so am not sure if it will get real warm. If not, sewing is a blast. But I have so much to do outside.

Before Dodger became a member of the family, I had dug out flower beds all along the fence (a lot of fence) well, Dodger loves to run back and forth all along the fence. My flowers do not stand a chance against her. So this year they all need to be moved to the outside of the fence and then I have to decide on what to do with the inside fence line.

Decisions, decisions whether it is quilting, yard work, cooking or anything. We gotta make them!

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