Sunday, April 27, 2008

Learning , Learning, Learning

I am still improving my applique methods and they are looking better. Watching a video on Quilters Tv (link on side) I added a couple new tricks. One is to put the fusable interfacing on the back of the block also. This helps to prevent puckers. The other thing is of great importance to me...the two videos I viewed, both instructors did not do any turn under techniques with the use of the fusable. They also suggested using a spray on stabilizer (helps prevent any slippage) and one even outlined the pattern with thread (using an embroidery machine) it was so fascinating. I really recommend this site for anyone who wants to learn a new technique or just sharpen up skills. I am also considering doing a step by step application as to the process of the applique method I am learning and improving. I have to think a little more on that idea. Tomorrow, I will show pictures of my garage sale finds...everything is being washed and dryed today. Have a great day quilting! I am off to applique some more flowers.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog recently. I think with learning any new skill you have to 'bite the bullet' and be prepared to practice to improve. Hope you have fun along the learning journey :)