Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Made A Fool Of Myself

On the About forum, I have been watching a swap. I have never done a swap before and think it would be a lot of fun. So asked a couple questions and decided to go ahead and sign up. Well, because of my brain defect (there really is one--I'll explain in a moment) the instructions just did not connect properly. It said the swap would be in 3 catagories:white and black, cream and white and another one with a couple of embellishments.

Somewhere all colors was mentioned. My brain connected with the all colors and held fast. So, I post and say I have some oranges and yellows that I think will be wonderful. The host politely advised me that I was in another time zone. The colors were to be black and white and ....! I had to bail out, not because of the total embarrassemnt but because hubby and I are on a very tight budget and right now it means no fabric buying. I do not have any black or white material on hand. It sounds like a fun swap though, it is called crazy quilting blocks. I may just have to try one of these.

Hubby (and I) laughed when I told him what I had done. We have to laugh at my brain almost everyday---actually throughout the day everyday.

At the age of 16 I was in a terrible car accident; thrown through a windshield of a truck that flipped so many times it was unrecognizable. I suffered severe brain damage in the memory section of my brain. I am now 42 and we all have learned to live with it. But, I do not remember the past what so ever at all. Realistically, I do not remember what I did yesterday. I start each day anew. One of the reasons I only quilt one project at a time.

My brain has to work overtime in everything that I do, it is really hard to explain. But that is one reason it connected with the all colors and held fast. So the next time I decide to join a swap, I have to make sure hubby looks it over first and can determine if I am up to the challenge and understand the rules.

Did not want to add "sorrow" to my story but had to explain to make it a tad bit more understandable. Plus, this way I can look it over and it is in black and white what I did. Have a great day and hope you did enjoy my blunder!!


  1. Don't feel too bad about your misunderstanding. Some people don't interpret the instructions of swaps correctly and they don't half the reasons you do!! Glad you found out BEFORE you did all the cutting, sewing and mailing :)

  2. I know exactly what you are talking about. Don't worry about making a fool of yourself...even if you did, so what!
    I was in a car accident in 1981 (or something like that) and I suffered a concussion. It took me a year to get past the injury and I thought it was all done. Now I'm 62 and disabled because of my balance and inability to think straight. I've been trying to cut fabric for my son and new daughter-in-laws quilt, but can't figure out how to cut it. Some days are better than others...such is life and it sure beats the alternative!