Sunday, April 13, 2008


else have the problem I do? I spend time on the computer while my husband is at work, in between quilting, housework, yardwork and whatever else. Well my problem is...I see all of these beautiful blocks or full patterns that I just want to make. My list of want to's just continues to grow. I honestly do not believe in all the years (hopefully anyway) that I am alive could I make all of them. While looking in a magazine last night, I have looked dozens of times at, I saw a quilt that just jumped out and grabbed hold. Why it caught my attention this time and not before is beyond me, but I have to make this one. It is called Kismet in the Quilters Newsletter (April 2008). It will be awhile before I can even begin...first off I have to find the right fabrics and lack of extra money will be the first obsticle to overcome. Oh well...just one of the things that goes along with quilting.

I tried to download pictures of the quilt I am working on right now, but because I am not up to speed (putting it mildly) it will have to wait for dear hubby to do his magical work...just click, click and all done. So decided to find another photo.


  1. List? List? Where did I put that list? Oh, that's right!! I had it bound and now it is a "Quilts I Want To Make Someday" book.

    Love the picture of Dodger. Are dogs great!

  2. Hey Brenda....I still haven't received your e-mail. I need your addy. I can't imagine why the e-mail isn't getting through to me. If your are a member of, try contacting me there.

    Maybe we can connect that way! LOL

  3. I think it is a side effect of the quilting virus :-)

  4. Oh MY GOODNESS! Your cat looks just like one of mine. His name is Scribbles. Ya gotta love em!