Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Day In The Mountains

Dodger barely stood still during the four hours we were out looking and exploring. She ran and ran, her nose to the ground a lot of times--then come storming back in our direction bouncing almost like a child (come on, come on, look what I see ahead) we laughed and so enjoyed watching her explore.

These wildflowers were in groups all over certain areas. Then you wouldn't see them for a couple more miles.

We took many different off roads and took several walks along the roads and off the roads; this is just one of many of the animal tracks that we saw. Kevin thinks it might be a cougar. Deer tracks were the most common, but we also saw bear tracks and fresh droppings (we left the area as soon as Kevin noticed that) exciting and whoa at the same time.

While driving on one of the off roads, I happened to see this down the embankment; just all the various tones of greens, browns and grays were breathtaking. You have to take time and just stare at the surroundings that provide such a calming effect!

These are another variety of wildflowers growing all over in the mountains; I really enjoy the beauty nature provides.

Here are Kevin and Dodger walking ahead to set up a couple cans for target practice.

This is a picture of some of the wildflowers we saw walking while walking around.

This is a picture I took to show how quickly and beautifully a little bit of rain can change nature.


  1. Brenda!!
    I love the pictures of your mountains. They are very beautiful. And after watching our dog in the woods, I can see your dodger bounding back and forth, and encouraging you to move faster. What a great day!!!

  2. I love the photos. stanley is exactly the same as Dodger. He just goes mad when we are out in the woods.

    love and hugs xx