Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Such a name: but they sure are enjoyable. I like writting down some of the things I do and sharing with others. I try at least once a week to spend time looking at other blogs; it amazes me how these effect me personally. Whether it is just it brings a smile; a huge laugh; an "I know what you mean" response; inspiration and fascination at the work that other quilters do; and so much more...

I have a small list of blogs on my favorites list; but it actually should be much longer; I check out some of the other sites that other bloggers have listed and go to the blogs listed on the forums, plus I list some on my computers "favorites" list also. The list is always growing! Any of you have the same thing happening to you?

Well, just wanted to say a thank you to all of you whose blogs I do visit; they are all great fun and so much more. Have a great day quilting and blogging!


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