Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So here are two of my completed projects. I am thrilled with them; I realize that my pieces are far from being entered into any contests...but so what...they are a blast to make and they keep me from going bonkers with nothing much to do (of course there is always the housework, gardening, laundry, cooking, dishes and the list grows and grows) isn't this fun!!

Actually I need to go and do some of the gardening before I post anything else. I had to dig up all of my iris', tulips and daffodils that were up in an area close to the street. The main irrigation pipe for the neighborhood, broke yesterday and the company had to come and do a bunch of work. Which meant my bulbs were going to be destroyed or majorly I dug them up about two hours ago and got part of them replanted in another section ; thankfully it was ready for planting. The rest I have to dig and create a new space for. I will write more either today or tomorrow or .... you get the picture.

This is a close up of the leaf and extra design I thought added to the leaf. I have to laugh and tell myself to keep in mind I am not an "artist" by any means...but it is so fun to be inventive now and then and just try a little something extra!

This is a table runner that I did ( I actually made two, but one picture is enough ). I found this pattern on the The Happy Zombie site; she used cherries as her center piece. Somehow the leaves just seemed more my style. But, I really enjoyed making these.

This is the baby quilt I have been talking about; It is complete and I am happy with it. I am glad that I added the extra border balloons and I really like the embroidery stitching.

This is just a close up of the stitching I did.

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  1. They are gorgeous.

    I love the idea of the Ted and balloons on the baby quilt. It really makes it some thing different.
    I like the sqiggles around the leaves aswell.
    I'm not really into embroidery but I may be tempted to have a go.

    love and hugs xxx