Thursday, June 12, 2008


Chicca is helping me put away a huge sack full of material that a friend of ours brought over. Ashleys grandmother heard through Ashley about my love of quilting and gathered together some of her stash for me. There is a variety of sizes and types of materials. I have not used polyester or silk material before for anything. But from others talking and asking questions on the forums, I know that it can all be used for quilting. I just have to find the "right" uses for me. I am thrilled to receive this gift ( my stash was actually starting to dwindle ... a few bare spots on my shelf. With all of this, there is not enough space to put it all.

That small section of material on the table did not get put away until this morning... Chicca slept on it for hours. I just love her help. I am going to make her grandmother a little something to say thanks. I think a wallhanging of flowers will do nicely.

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