Monday, June 16, 2008

Interesting Facts Discovered

Today has been a learning day for me. First all, I began taking the Chantix (stop smoking aide) about 2 months ago. Was working fabulous. Well, prescription is gone and about 2 days later I begin feeling so unmotivated its not funny and the inside of my body feels like it is doing the jitterbug about a hundred miles per minute and getting depressed. Being the weekend, I made it through...called doc first thing this morning. I go in this afternoon and am told I am having withdrawl symptoms really bad. I mean come on....I knew tobacco was addictive, but not like alcohol or drugs. Seems that some people (me being one of the lucky ones) go through the same types of emotions and physical withdrawl that alcoholics and drug addicts do. So Doc recommends I continue taking the chantix for another month; because believe me,I am so ready to pick up a cigarette and just make these feelings all go away and say forget about the benefits. So thats where I stand on not smoking. I am going to beat this addiction (sure sounds funny to actually be saying it like that) if its the last thing I do.

At the doctor I also found out that I have gained 10 pounds in the last 2 months. Pretty ridiculous and out of this world. The thing is that I am not snacking in place of the cigarettes. I did the first week, licorice and cookies...but I know I have a weight problem and said no way. So, I bought bananas, oranges, celery, and so on. I also took my COKE away from that is an addiction (by the way its the Coke that you buy in a can or bottle at the store....not the other stuff) and have been drinking tea, coffee and water. So anyhow, the Doc ordered blood work to see if everything is how it should be; she is suspecting my thyroid is not working properly. Whatever that is...have to do some research.

Got home here and checked the mail; low and behold my father has sent me an e-mail all about bananas and how beneficial they really are. A few of the things that the natural vitamins and sugars do is help with depression, lesson nicotine withdrawls, help with PMS and just all kinds of other stuff. What really made me laugh was the fact that for the last three nights I have not had my snack banana. Do you really think it could have really been helping and my body is screaming...GIVE ME BACK MY BANNANA YOU CRAZY FOOL; DON'T YOU KNOW IT IS HELPING FIGHT THE NICOTINE WITHDRAWALS!!!!

So now I have revealed some of my "problems" and actually feel a tad bit better have released some "rockin" vibes as my friend calls them. I feel I have a lot of bumps and mountains to get over the remainder of this year. I have got to take control and loose a ton of weight, continue to stop smoking and well just other stuff so hope you don't mind if I vent here now and then. Just ask that you stop by and visit and even if you do not read...leave a comment now and then and encourage in various ways. Thanks everyone.



  1. eLove your postcards, and I only had a minute to run down the last week and a half of your posts. I love what you are doing!

    As for the nicotine addiction, yes, that is what it is. My dad played H*** trying to quit. So hang in there. Better now than having to start over again later. YOU CAN DO IT!! I'M SURE OF IT!!!

  2. Sending loads of positive vibes your way. You've come this far don't fail now. The weight can wait. Just concentrate on the smoking for now. Just think of the money you're saving that you can use for quilting or the garden.
    A friend who gave up put all the money she would spend on cigarettes in a pot. Each month she would treat herself using that money. So treat yourself you've done so well.
    love and hugs xxx

  3. Don't lose heart!!! You HAVE to stop smoking, please! I have personal reasons (watching my Dad suffer) that means I feel really strongly about this. Don't worry about the pounds at the moment. And as an incentive I will send you some African fabric (if you'd like it) at the end of another successful month. Just email me at the ned of June, tell me you made it (as I know you will) with your addy and I'll pop some incentives in the post!!!

  4. Good luck. I know it is hard to stop smoking. I have done it twice. Been smoke free for 5 1/2 years. Thankfully I was able to quit and not have bad withdrawls. Bless your heart.
    losing weight is no easy task. This is something I struggle with too. It seems like I gained alot of weight when I quit smoking. I did eat alot in place of it. I went to being addicted to food. Yucko. Things will get better. It helps to stay busy. Good luck at the doctor.

  5. Hi Brenda. I've been smoke-free for 4 1/2 years now (after smoking for 46 years) and it was the best thing I've ever done for myself. And YES it is also the hardest thing I've ever done. It's not the tobacco that is so powerfully's the nicotine.
    I was able to quit by spending time on WebMD message board and learning as much as I could about the addiction and what to do to fight it. Here's the link
    I decided that the only thing that would work for me was to quit "cold turkey". I do have a lot of help tips for you to get through to the other side. Email me and I'll help as much as I can. YOU CAN DO THIS!!