Thursday, June 5, 2008

Quilting This and That

This is a gift I made for a girl I know who just last week arrived in Iraq to serve and protect our country. I just had to smile at the turtles and frogs I found online and thought- hopefully even though pure childish art, it will bring a smile to her and some of the other members of her troop.

This is a quilt block I made for someone in one of the forums I visit. She is making a quilt with numerous ribbons for various types of cancer. My cousin died last year from cancer. We were the same age; it is a terrible disease and effects people all over the world and at every age. It felt really wonderful to make this.


  1. I love the turtle.

    I'm making a block ( well 2 really) as well. Hopefully I can get them done and posted this week.

    love andhugs xxx

  2. The turtle will most definitely bring a smile to her face. It is so cute.
    God Bless the troops.