Thursday, July 10, 2008


Kevin left for work at 1, I made myself a pot of Carmel Truffle Coffee and sat down to post and check on everyone...but I got a tad bit side tracked. I clicked on the layout and quickly began changing my blog look. Its fun to do now and then. Hope you all enjoy the various colors and format. I am being rather dull today...but Dodger and I went for an hour long walk this morning up the mountain; it was a nice change but very tiring. Will have to start taking that route more often, I know I had to burn calories and work my muscles going uphill for over a mile.

Chicca was snoozing with her chin on her paws until I moved to pick up the camera and take the picture.

Dodger is taking her afternoon nap on the sewing room carpet (someday I am going to get rid of it and put in hardwood flooring).

This is my favorite quilting book at this time. The projects are easy to read and understand and the applique pieces are easy to trace, plus it has a variety of quilting projects from purses, quilts, table toppers, wallhangings and so forth. This is the book the Dresden Plate quilt that I am making was found. I recommend it highly.

This is what the quilt looks like their way...I am not sure that I will do mine exactly like this or not. I have looked on the internet and seen many variations on ways to do this and just can not completely make up my mind. I have time to make that choice because I am going to make the blocks for the applique first and go from there.

I decided to cut my fusible paper into strips and then use the cardboard template and trace each piece.

I had to trace 192 of the cardboard templates onto the fusible paper and then cut them into individual sections. Took quite awhile, but this step is finished. Now onto the next step. Choosing the colors/fabrics that I want to use. Will post on that when I decide faithfully.


  1. Love the pic of Dodger. Stan likes to nap in my sewing room aswell. He normally ends up covered in threads from the floor.

    Love and hugs gina xxx

  2. Thanks for the lovely postcard Brenda :) Love the quote on the back too!!

  3. I got my postcard in the mail today. I love it. Very cute. Thanks a ton. The dresden plate is going to be beautiful.