Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Thank You for the WONDERFUL POSTCARDS that really did bring a smile to my day!!!! So glad that I did start this swap. Plus getting to know everyone on a more personal note makes it even better.

What GREAT excitement to open the mailbox and have a postcard awaiting! I have to say I felt like a child who receives a suprise gift...I was almost jumping up and down. It was fabulous! Plus are they not so pretty and unique; that is one of the things I like about postcard/quilting each one is unique. I can sit for hours and just look at quilt blocks,quilt patterns and applique and just have a glorious time imaging the colors, layouts and well just everything (you probablly do the same. A friend recently showed me how to enlarge/shrink patterns using the printer. A whole new door to quilting opened up.

Aside from getting the giddishly childish joy from receiving and sending postcards they are enjoyable to make and create. Plus give a nice break from doing other projects. I am just beginning a quilt (Dresden Plate) that is going to require a ton of time and most likely months. I know I will be making tons of postcards and totes during this time.

I had best post my two latest totes and then go and get busy with daily chores and have plenty of time for quilting todayj!

The material used in this tote was an attempt at another style for a quilt block, it called for box pleating all of the main looked easy and fun. Boy was it not. I do not have a lot of patience for things that take a ton of time. But I still really liked the colors. Another tote!

I made this tote bag from some scrap strips that I had been saving for some reason but could not remember what. So here they worked fabulous for another grocery bag tote! I still have a ton of scraps to use and these tote bag projects work wonderful for using them.


  1. I reckon getting quilty mail is the best!

  2. Thanks for starting the post card swap. I am hooked. I mailed out 3 more yesterday.

    Great shopping bags. You will be the envy of all us green folks.

  3. Your totes are absolutely beautiful, Brenda! :)

  4. I don't think I could do an entire real-sized quilt but a quilted tote-bag is on my list of 1000 things to sew!