Saturday, July 12, 2008


These are the fabrics I chose for the Dresden Plate. They all seemed to me to work together and add variety. There are a lot of steps in all of the procedures, nothing difficult (yet anyway) just takes time.

I ironed the fusible pieces onto the fabric selections. Now all 192 pieces have to be cut out.

I even cut out three of the colors last night. Tonight I will do a few more.

Began working on this applique project this morning. Prepared all of the pieces and began sewing...the machine was acting strange. So took the steps needed to clean, oil and change needles (it was time). Well after that was all accomplished the stitches were not right. First thought, I must have gotten something out of place...did not help. Second thought, restring the thread and bobbin; no luck. Getting frustrated it was sewing alright before the cleaning it just signaled it was time to clean it. Third thought, just fiddle around trying this and results. Fourth thought, maybe the needle is old or something so replaced the needle and walla sewing wonderful. Although I love both of my sewing machines (without them I would be lost) they really should not be that picky!

Now we are back on track and I am making this applique door hanging for my daughter and her fiance; they just moved into their own place up in Washington. I am so excited for them. They have been together for over 4 years, engaged one year and I am anxiously awaiting the marriage and then Grandchildren. But they are taking their time which is really good.

Well better go and get this all put together. Will post a photo of the finished door hanging when it is all finished.

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  1. So pleased you sorted your machine out! My cat used to follow me too - so sweet!