Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Have not been blogging much due to being sore and tired from the garden work. Plus have not had much umph to do any sewing. I have sewn together part of the patchwork blocks for the Dresden quilt, but not enough.

I received a post card earlier from my first blogger friend while she was working at a boy scout camp, I did not provide a link at that time because she was still there and not posting much. But stop by her blog at Quilting and "Other Stuff" she and her youngest son spotted a fire on their way home from camp and helped to put it out and find the "child" responsible. They are HEROS who deserve a reward.

I owe my apologies to Rhonda for not posting this picture of her beautiful post card earlier; my exuse I was really caught up in the flower bed, but it really is no exuse. You really should check out her blog Ravelly 1 she is such a fun person with a lot of talent. Thank you Rhonda for the postcard; it is hanging on my sewing room wall with all of the others from the group.

I finally managed to get the remainder of the new flower area finished. I will begin transplanting flowers tomorrow. I just feel spectacular at having achieved this feat.

Guess that about covers it today. Have a great day!

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