Thursday, August 28, 2008


Today I have been sewing two inch squares together. Eventually they will be used in a quilt. But, I wanted to share a couple photos of our outing yesterday to the woods. Dodger, Kevin, I and a friend Ashley went out in the woods. Dodger and I took all sorts of paths going off the main road and just had a great time. We saw grasshoppers, butterflies, birds and even a lizard. My favorite was when we got down by the stream.

Dodger had a great time watching the grasshoppers in this area! Pretty soon though she was jumping and chasing them. Her and I took numerous walks while Kevin and Ashley were target shooting.

I find it fascinating to walk beside a stream and admire the way nature creates such beauty. I sat on this log and just listened to the water moving and looked in every direction at all of the colors, plants, trees and spent time just feeling a total calming effect. I tried to download one of the video clips for you could enjoy the sound also...but I was not able to do it. Sorry!

This photo is one of my favorites from yesterday. While Dodger and I were walking along the stream these leaves looked to me like they were floating on top of the water. But in honest, they are not they are actually quite a bit away from the water. It sure was pretty, so wanted to share.

This caught my eye, right before heading home. A top of this huge tree a big splotch of next thought was spider and what a hard working spider. So, I zoomed in and snapped the shot, still not being able to tell for sure if that is what it was. Today when I downloaded the pictures...ta sure enough is a huge spider web. I am surprised it did not have birds trapped in it.


  1. Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing.

    Love and hugs gina xxx

  2. These really are beautiful; sounds like you had a perfect day!

  3. It is peaceful isn't it. The running water over the stones down the creek bed are very calming. Very pretty scenery.

    Pat H.

  4. Those are really great shots, Brenda!