Friday, August 29, 2008


This morning, my friend Maureen suggested we go to a couple of garage sales. We hit three and found nothing we really wanted or needed (no quilting things) and drove to the next one. A yard filled with treasures of all sorts. We were drawn directly to the quilting table. I found these two books $2.50 each. Both have beautiful patterns and applique.

With all that I a fabric store the value of my treasure would be close to $200.00 or more. The books above were both originally sold for $10.00 each.

There were no prices on the fabrics. So, I went and asked. The lady handed me two sacks and said fill them to the top and then we will discuss a price. I only had brought a minimal amount of 12 dollars and had already spent 5. I took up the two sacks and she said how about $3.00 for both. I gasped and said are you kidding? Nope, I asked for two more bags and went and filled them.

Blues, Reds, Pinks, Greys, Greens, Purples and blacks are sectioned on this table. Being mainly a scrap quilter I am just grinning from ear to ear. The picture below holds the silks, browns, small scraps, yellows, light blues and some fabric projects.

I had a whole dollar left and she handed me another sack and said fill this one about half full and we will call it even!

There were three different fabrics that at least held 5 yards.

Plus, there is a dard green silk that has 8 yards and many of the others were 1 to 3 yards.

I do believe I have totally restocked my fabrics for quite awhile. If I could have I would have done flips and gave my own cheer! Maureen of course got three bags full herself. Then she laughed and said Kevin and Ernie are going to in an uproar that we found all of that is it we have to leave! It was funny. Kevin was just thrilled for me.

I had best go and get busy with a project!


  1. WOW and DOUBLE WOW!!! You really scored!! I am so impressed! such nice fabric, and silks too! Have a great time sewing all your new projects!!


  2. How exciting, what lovely finds. Isn't it extra thrilling to find a bargain like that, and isn't it hard to stop spending when there's still more bargains to be had!

  3. How fabulous!!! Great find Brenda, well done :) We all like a bargain like yours!!

  4. I am NOT jealous - I am NOT jealous - lol ! What a brilliant bargain you had. Best get busy then . . .

  5. Good golly Ms. Brenda!!!
    You have such great luck!!! I think that's better than going to Las hit a real jack-pot!
    Silks....did you say silks!? (I'm drooling!)

  6. Okay, I am moving to your neighborhood :D What a wonderful find! Congratulations!!
    Happy Quilting!

  7. Don't you love garage sales? lol

  8. Wow, girlfriend! Good for you. Do you know what I pictured when reading your post.....a poor departed quilter...looking down from heaven, shaking her head over her relative who was so eager to dump all her fabric....but then the departed quilter discovered that you, of all people, would appreciate the find. Just my weird way of looking at things. Take care.

  9. Brenda

    What great bargains!!!!! Lovely colors.

    Pat H.

  10. Wow you hit the jackpot of jackpotswith your finds. It is a amazing what you can find at garage sales,thanks for sharing with us.I just found your blog and so glad to meet you have a good day.Blessings, Marie

  11. What a great find! It is easier to experiment with different techniques when you know you aren't breaking the bank by doing it. Have fun!

  12. Wow! I am so pleased for you. Now you have a fantastic stash and can have lots of fun playing with it all!

  13. Gosh, what a great lot from a garage sale..that was great!
    never find anything like that here.

  14. oh how I envy you! I started accumulating fabrics again & I'm really into those with Japanese motifs. I would have love to be at this garage sale & I would hv bought the whole lot & more!