Monday, September 1, 2008


Hello to all!

I started a postcard swap to get to know other bloggers and to have fun ! My rules are very simple....

1. Make the postcard the standard size 4 x 6.

2. Have fun.

3. No Pressure No Stress.

4. Send me your name, address, email address and blog address. I will add your information to
the list and send all information to each member.

5. Then everyone has the whole month to make as many postcards and mail them as they
desire. Example: If you only have the time to make one postcard a month, that is fine. If
you have time to make 4, that is fine.

I really enjoy making them and coming up with new ideas. My postcards to be sent this month are an embroidery design. I have to admit, I did not plan the design and layout properly and my bindings are not pretty. It was a learning experience. Knowing the other members they will accept them and enjoy them even though they are not perfect by any means.

I have made wonderful friends with this swap and found new blogs with great information, styles of quilts and other projects that often lead me to give it a try.

So, I am inviting anyone interested to email me and join our fun postcard swap! You will not regret it. The no pressures, no stress rule is my major focus. Because if it is not fun and enjoyable it becomes a torment and I for one do not need or want that. We all lead busy lives with family, work and hobbies; we do not need more stress.

The added bonuses are wonderful! Going to the mail and finding a postcard instead of a bill or junk mail is Great! I personally get a huge smile and all a child getting a surprise. Meeting people from around the world is Fabulous. You get to see and hear things about their lives, trips and pictures of things you may never see, and share quilting stories.

So what have you got to lose! Come and join the fun! We would love to have you in our swap! E Mail me and we will get every thing moving for this month!


  1. Hey my new friend, I love the post card swap especially no dead lines and it sounds like fun Ilove mail. Please count me in. You can send any info to
    Thanks for this fun sounding swap. blessings, Marie

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun, Brenda! :D

  3. Howdy Partner. LOL. Your postcard is on its way.