Sunday, September 7, 2008


We began organizing and setting everything up on Thursday. Not a lot of fun in that aspect of a garage sale! Friday, Saturday and today we begin opening the garage door at 8 am and close it down between 4 and 5 (depends on heat and if anyone has stopped by in over an hour.

As you can see we have a lot of stuff! Kevin has told me that when we moved into this trailor; the family did not want to do any of the that was our job and to keep what we wanted and to sell or throw away everything else. We have been here for about 2 and a half years and still have items remaining. Plus, family and friends gladly add to our stash off and on.

I enjoy having a garage sale for two reasons. First of course is money. LOL. We have made enough to make it worthwhile. The second, is the people.

Garage sale people are a funny bunch of people. You have the drive by and look (which the way ours is set really can not see much) that either stop or just go on their merry way. Kevin and I make fun remarks to this group (nothing bad just little laughter bringing comments).

You have the looking for one item specifically (fishermen and gunsmen or toolsmen) describe this group best. What makes them interesting is that they a lot of times seem very annoyed that all "people" do not have their items! So again you get a little chuckle from them.

Next you have the "snooty" people. They expect every item to be priced for a penny and basically want the item to be in the original package; very few items meet their standard. We get both chuckles and a tad bit frustrated with these people.

Kevin especially loves the "bargaining" people. They will usually offer next to nothing for an item that is definitely worth the price marked...whether it be a nickle or twenty dollars. Very often, they will make several offers below priced marked walking around holding it while taking a look in between offers. Some get pretty snickery and pushy (thats where Kevin gets to have fun and become "set" with his amount) and the game begins! Some people give in while others put it down while others stomp out. It really can be entertaining!

Less than 1% of the people are no fun and bothersome. The remaining people are just ordinary people looking for a deal and a way to spend time with someone. We end up having fun and interesting conversations.

I have taken up far to much space writing about this. So just one last little tid bit. Dodger in the picture above is pouting. Seriously, she is....she loves to meet new people and off and on meet other dogs. Once in awhile between groups we let her out to snoop around and be with us. This picture was taken after a group of people left and no one said hello. She snorted, turned around and laid down with a sigh. She is pouting.


  1. Garage sales seem to be quite common in America, but I've never seen or heard of one here. We have car boot sales, where you can take a pitch at a field or car park where a sale has been organised, and they can be quite fun. We've sold stuff occasionally, and really must do more. I've been to a few and bought one or two things, but rarely find anything I want.

  2. Hey Brenda, congrats on your garage sale. Hope you did well. I was wondering about what you were up too since you had not posted in a few days. have a great night. Blesings and hugs, Marie

  3. Looks like you had a great time.

    Stanley is like Dodger. He hates it when he's ignored and has got the loudest sigh I've ever heard.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  4. Wish I could have stopped by your sale to see what was there! I love a good garage sale! (LOPPIS here in Sweden!) all had stamina to do it for what? 3 days! wow!

  5. lol, I think all dogs are alike Brenda! Princess Bubbles does the same thing, especially if one of my daughter's friends unknowingly "snubs" her.

    My father LOVES garage sales and hits them every weekend. He loves to socialize and loves a bargain! Hope you made lots of money from this one! :D

  6. I love garage sales but don't get to go to many. The boys are too much trouble to drag around from sale to sale. Maybe when they are older I will go more.