Saturday, August 9, 2008


Today has been loaded with wonderful surprises. At the post office there was a surprise (below), I finished putting together some blocks I found and was amazed (below) plus, my neighbor gave me some flowers to transplant that she is thinning out...I planted them instantly in my area in front of the garage that I worked on so hard this summer (next year it will be gorgeous) and dear hubby once again made me feel like a million! Life is so full of Surprises!

I received this GREAT postcard from Rhonda @ Ravelly 1 in the mail today. Such fun she is having with her embroidery machine and sharing her artwork with me. Thanks Rhonda.

A few days ago, I could not stand the mess I had created in my fabric storage. Why I do not learn to neatly fold and stack the fabric back instantly after using is beyond me. So within a short while it is a disaster area once again. But right now it is neat and tidy. But boy did I find a surprise; I found 16 blocks that needed to be sewn together. Another UFO, oh my goodness I have been so disorganized these last ???? months to have gotten myself into this fix. But slowly I am getting them all finished.

After having discovered these 16 blocks; I had to put them together to see how they would look. WOW! Was I ever surprised, they (exuse my boasting) look fabulous. How and Why I set them aside and did not sew them together is beyond me, now I am preparing the back material and will begin pinning and basting over the next several days. Hubby gave me a wonderful hug and kiss when he saw it this morning all laid out and said "This is beautiful, one of your best so far!" Lets hope I do not mess up the backing, batting, quilting and finished binding. Fingers are crossed and hands are together for prayer on this one!


  1. Your husband is right, the blocks look terrific. Don't lose them again!! I tidied up my fabric yesterday too. I don't have much, but it does get untidy so quickly.

  2. Hi-I don't even remember how I found your blog but after reading your profile I see that you are in Grants Pass. We are practically neighbors--I live in Roseburg (and I quilt).

  3. I love how the lighter orange and the flowered print seem to twist around one another. But looking at the top, I can't figure out what the individual block looks like!! Can you tell me what the pattern is called, and where you found it?? It is definately a beautiful quilt!

  4. Fantastic quilt! Seems tidying is in the air - I'm trying to tidy my mess too :-) Hope I find soemthing good too LOL.
    Lovely postcard too!