Thursday, August 7, 2008



I received my PFAFF back from the shop and can now machine applique again and get serious about my Dresden Plate quilt.


I received this great postcard from Karen. It is so exciting getting the postcards in the mail; I am so glad I started the postcard swap! Thanks Karen. Plus we have another blogger who has joined; that brings the total up to 7. Would love to have more so email me with your name, address, and blog address and join in the fun!


Wonderful hubby is building me a plant stand that we can grow herbs in year around (hopefully). He still has more work to do and then paint or stain it. He is so wonderful to me!

Chicca is just waking up from a nap. We have all been spending a great deal of time inside...about 80 miles from us there is a major forest fire and since we live in a Valley the smoke comes and lingers making it hard to breathe for some (like my father) and causing major headaches ( like me ) for others. But isn't she just so pretty!!!!


  1. It's great to get things in the mail, I get excited every time I get something unexpected!

    I love the herb plant stand that your husband is building you, he is wonderful!

    Chicca is precious!

    That's awful about the smoke, maybe a humidifier might help?

  2. Cool plantstand! What a thoughtful DH!!! I love getting great mail too, but a sewing machine coming home is even better!
    Thankjs for your lovely email - you are a sweetheart!!!!!!

  3. Hey Brenda, I received a postcard from you today and I love it. That little bee looks so sneaky. Great job, I'll post soon with a pic.