Friday, August 22, 2008


That is a big topic going on around my house. After borrowing my friends quilting frame, I have accomplished the king size quilt (I tied it) and a small quilt (pictured a tad bit above) and just finished basting a full sized quilt today. Now I only have 3 lap quilts to baste.

My father who has made well over 100 quilts for family and friends, is shocked that I am taking all this time and effort to baste the quilts and then quilt them on the machine. He tied each and every one of his and they all turned out beautifully. My friend (who graciously let me use her frame) either pins all of her quilts and then ties them or if a small quilt will machine quilt it and hers always look beautiful also. I have tried both methods, tying and pinning, it never fails that I get majoyor puckers! Each quilt that I have basted has turned out fine and dandy (I will not say beautiful but close) with no puckers.

So share with me what method you prefer and what works; I am just very curious!


  1. So interesting that your father makes quilts! It sounds as though the quilts you baste are the ones you are the happiest with so maybe that's what you should keep doing. You know, if it ain't broke... You are brave than I--when I make a large quilt top, I pay someone to put it together and quilt it!! If it's a small quilt, say a wall hanging, I usually safety pin it and quilt by hand. Also, have you seen this? I have not tried it but it looks interesting... Have a great weekend, Brenda!

  2. I've not made many quilts yet, but things have been okay if I use plenty of pins. I baste small quilts though as the results do seem to be better. I think Molly's right - do what suite you best.

  3. I use loads and loads of safety pins even for hand quilting. I get a few puckers but not many.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  4. Well I have never used a quilt frame. I usually pin with safety pins and then quilt with my machine. But I still get the occasional pucker. I think puckers are just a part of it. I am not a neat freak when it comes to quilting. The little quirks are what make them unique.

  5. Brenda,Wanted to thank you for the post card.. I loved it.. :)Debb