Sunday, August 17, 2008


Dad, Mom, Frankie, Dodger and I headed to the coast yesterday at about 8 am. We had such a great time I had to share some of our day. We usually go to Crescent City CA and then on to Brookings OR, but they were doing road work outside of Brookings so we turned around and went back to Crescent City. We were really glad that it happened that way because we got to see some spectacular wild life up close and spend a lot of time together.

The two wooden statues above were taken at a casino we went to for awhile ( I lost my 10 bucks very quickly and went out, got the dogs and played with them on the grass while waiting for mom and dad).

This wooden statue was at the entry to the parking lot. Such beautiful artwork!

We drove up to the Trees Of Mystery. There were so many people there and my dad was having a lot of pain in his legs so we did not walk through (we have been here before many times...I just do not remember ( a positive thing about memory loss is you get to do things over and over for the first time every time hee, hee ).

We had such wonderful laughter at the dogs. Dodger who usually loves playing in water wanted no part of going into the ocean. Frankie on the other hand hates water but as soon as he figured out that Dodger would not chase him into the water...he headed straight for it each time he was able to get the stick before Dodger. Frankie was having a blast finally being able to tease Dodger.

Mom and I enjoy walking along the beaches looking for sea shells. Dodger tries to do everything that she can to catch the waves, chase Frankie, chase the sea gulls and run and check with me to throw the sticks.

This picture is not very clear at all (sorry) but it is the lighthouse; but what really caught my attention was the shape of the tree. The ways in which the branches grow on trees is wonderful. I always seem drawn to them.

The seal swimming continually kept trying to get up for a nap also, but not one of the seals would allow it. They would start "yelling" and move just enough to make sure it could not get up. It was funny and at the same time you felt a bit sorry for the seal in the water...but it kept trying!

The seals on the wooden walk areas that take you to the individual boats were mainly all resting.

Clicking on some of the pictures will enlarge it and you can see a "better" image.

There were quite a few Pelicans flying, diving and relaxing at the dock area. They were really quite fascinating.

This is a scene off the dock at Crescent City, California; the clouds, fog and clearing all at the same time. I thought it was picture does not do it justice!

By the time we started our drive back the dogs were so tuckered they slept almost the entire two hours home! Dodger still today is not her normal active self. I hope that you enjoy the photos.


  1. These are some nice photos! Sounds like you all had a good time and it was the perfect time as it was so blazin' hot yesterday. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What memories those photos bring back! I used to live in California...southern but I LOVED the beaches, bent trees and foggy coast lines of the north!

    I can just imagine the doggies having such a wild time...the fresh air, open terrian...they get all wild like puppies!

  3. Brenda, this is fantastic! Loved all the pictures and loved that Frankie and Dodger were playing on the beach, I know that was fun for you as well as them! I really enjoyed the close up of the seals and you're right, the wooden statue at the entry was amazing!

    Thank you for sharing your day with us! I always enjoy pictures and the words certainly were a bonus! :D

  4. What beautiful photos. It looks like it was a great time. The trees in the lighthouse picture remind me of bonsai trees.

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