Friday, September 12, 2008


Pat @ Lymryk Quilts and Portuguese Water Dogs and I have been leaving comments on one anothers blogs for awhile now. Recently we have began to email one another and get to be better friends. Pat brought to my attention the new mystery on Quiltville; I checked it out and decided to go ahead and do it since at the moment I was sewing 4 patches together (with no clue what I was going to do with them, aside from using a box of 2 inch squares) and they were one of the steps in the mystery OLD TOBACCO ROAD.

In another email, Pat and I discussed the rulers Bonnie uses. Pat kindly offered to send me hers! I was thrilled and excited. But you know me and my memory, I had spaced it entirely. Kevin and I took our trip to the post office early this afternoon and then were going on a couple other errands. At the post office we have a package to pick up. Standing in line, we are trying to think of what it was. We were really confused when the attendant comes out with this huge box (sorry I did not take a picture, thought of it to late) and then were really confused when it said it was for me. Kevin remembered first (as always) about Pat sending me the rulers. But this box was to big for rulers....we really kind of laughed and said tons of those styrofoam do dads would be fun for Chicca and Dodger to make a bed in. But, the box was so heavy.

In the car, the suspense was to much....we had to open it up and peak. What a wonderful surprise. The box was filled with fabrics and two rulers, plus a nice card. I was so overwhelmed with delight and the emotional explosion, I began to cry. I do daughter thinks the accident caused more brain damage in my emotional part than anywhere. LOL.

Here are pictures of the Easy Angle ruler and the Companion Ruler. Are they not GREAT!

Here is a shot of a few of the fabrics.

Some more of the fabrics.

Yes, more fabrics.

Look there is more.

Yep, even more.

Wow, even more! Plus the wonderful card. I am still overjoyed at the extras she sent and just started crying again. Pat you are wonderful and in no way can I express how much this touched my heart and soul. She did make one request....that I pay it forward. I know just the person to pay it forward to; a lady I know sews for a wonderful project that helps underpriveldged kids. She will be the one I pay it forward to. She has no blog and likes to stay behind the scenes, so I can not post a picture or give any information. She does it all from the heart with no desires to be acknowledged. THANKS PAT FOR EVERYTHING...IT IS MUCH APPRECIATED.

Plus, on the way home from the post office we stopped by the repair shop to check on the progress of the PFAFF that has been in and out several times all summer. He had it all fixed and ready to go. Chicca, of course, had to check out the fabrics first. She gave her approval by falling asleep on the fabrics. I had to shoo her away, I had to try out the Easy Angle ruler for the next step (pinwheels) in the mystery. WoW and Double WoW. It sure made cutting the triangles a cinch. Later I will start sewing them together.

I have to add this; I have known a lot of people, most people really shy away from my disability at not remembering things...but everyone of the "bloggers" that I have met on the internet have truly turned out to be fabulous caring people who do not mind, plus they have the biggest hearts the world could have. I am so glad to have found quilting because it has led me to each of you who are my dearest friends! I am privledged to call you my friends...........


  1. Being forgetful seems perfectly normal to me - we call them 'senior moments'. What a brilliant surprise, so much fabric. I'm not surprised you cried, I think I would too. It's a lovely idea though to pass some of it on to someone else who could do so much good with it. I've got one of those rulers, but never remember I've got it until I've finished cutting my triangles!

  2. Oh Brenda you are so wonderful! I find you an inspiration every time I come to visit! My eyes filled with tears as I was reading your post and knowing what it meant to you!

    A big hug to you my friend! :)

  3. What a nice surprise! And I agree with Amanda, I would have cried too!


    P.S. I never got your email, did you get mine?? We really should meet one of these times you are in the 'burg'.

  4. What a wonderful surprise, and your plan for paying it forward sounds very worthwhile.

  5. Hope you enjoy your new rulers and loads of fun new fabrics. Looks like lots of new quilts in your future :)