Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I am having a laid back day. Yesterday, I spent the better of 6 hours with my father doing yard work! We had a great time visiting with each other, watching Dodger and Frankie play themselves into total exhaustion and accomplished a ton of work. My arms are pretty sore and quite tired today after weed eating for two hours, raking leaves for two hours and hauling them into the back yard, then mowing the front and back yard. Then we loaded up a small pick up of odds and ends that my parents are slowly going through and getting rid of.

I am lounging around in my sweats and old tshirt; made myself (after Kevin left for work) my favorite coffee and am sipping it down as I write this in my favorite coffee cup.

My brother is going to come over sometime this afternoon and weed eat my yard for me! YIPEE! I really do not enjoy weed eating, so I bribed him with some good food to do it for me. LOL. Actually, my brother is a very easy person to please when it comes to food.....he just inhales it like air and then comes back for more! At 40, he is beginning to show the pop gut as a result. Yet, he loves to eat, and eat, and eat!

Just one of the beautiful trees on our property that has a brilliant look for every season! I love the deep burgandy leaves the best of all the seasons.

I am a devoted fan of most Science Fiction characters, movies and series. Hubby, Kevin, gave these three pictures of Zena for a Birthday present a few years ago. A member of his family personally knows the actress and she sent them autographed. I really need to put them in frames.

I very often watch Star Trek movies, Harry Potter, The Mummy movies or Indiana Jones movies over and over! It is easy for me to do this, because I enjoy them, with my memory problems no matter how often I see a movie, it is like the first time every time! hee,hee.

I just completed all 24 applique blocks for my Dresden Plate quilt. Now it is time to square each of these blocks up then assemble all the sections together. I will be doing this step in between playing on the computer, laundry and a few other household chores throughout the remainder of today. I am really pleased with the way this quilt is turning out.

Rather a blurry sort of picture, I am definetly not a photographer, but it is enjoyable. But this is my evening project, watching the movies and embroidering; they go together wonderfully. I am working on making my stitches tinier and uniform. It is a wonderful way to quilt small blocks.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by and leaving comments; plus to everyone who shares a blog. It is great stopping by and seeing all the creative styles of each person! Have a great day!


  1. I like your applique blocks and your embroidery blocks. I like to spend my evenings doing hand work as well. I hope you enjoyed your coffee in your favorite mug.

  2. Morning Brenda, Love your post, nothing like a good cup of coffee and all your favorite things around you.I am getting ready to start quilting on my big quilt machine, hope to finish this quilt, i have 3 more after this one for thisclient. She has been most patient with all my time outs. Love the dre3sden plate I will try to dig mine out to show you later I only have one block done .Blessings and hugs,Marie

  3. You sure stay busy, girl! Just as Marie said, ain't nothin' like a really good cup of coffee in the morning! I always like reading your blog and seeing all the things you share. Take care!

  4. I just booed you on my site. Go check and see. Happy Halloween.

    I love the dresden blocks and the embroidering. Great job. I need to practice more.

  5. Mmmmmmmm the coffee looks so inviting and I don't drink coffee. Your dresden blocks are beautiful. You're doing a really nice job on the embroidery too.

    Fall is such a nice time of year. The colors are all so pretty. I've been finishing up yard work before the snow flies also.

    Pat H.

  6. I got my package today. Thanks a ton. I love all of it. :) BIG SMILE

  7. Wow! Busy as usual I see. Who needs gyms when there is yard and house work!
    Lovely Dresden blocks and thanks again for my postcard!!