Sunday, October 26, 2008


Earlier this week, my mother asked me to make her some door stopper "worms" to keep out the cold air drafts from her doorways. Mom and Dad live in an old home that when built back in the 50s did not have insulation and poor windows. This year with the cost of heating going up through the roof (electric company rumors are another big increase in prices). So they sealed up all the windows with plastic (Kevin and I did this last year in our Mobile Home and boy did it help) and they are going to basically shut up the two mainly unused bedrooms.

My friend Maureen and I were talking about our next projects (get this hers is a new Brother sewing machine...her old one of 25 years is having major problems and they do not make the parts anymore) I was telling her about the worms; she said she had a pattern from years ago that she had never used. So down we went to her house to search her old patterns.

I made one elephant. Is it not so cute with the floppy ears and the big button eyes?

Next, I made these two cats. I liked putting these together the best. It is recommended that you use sand to fill in the tails, but mom just wanted me to use polyester fiberfill.

I also made these two worms. I adore the bow ties. I may have to make bow ties for the cats as well.

I had material left over from my draperies and thought it would work nicely since it is heavy and helps to keep out drafts.

Dodger is eyeing them off and on; I think she thinks they are new play toys for her. LOL. So, I have to remind her she can only look, no teeth can be involved! She just does not get it though.

The box that Chicca is in was used to store my threads in until I bought the thread rack. I just tossed it on the floor until later when I went out to the garage. OH NO, Chicca claimed it right then and there. She has a box under the table in the sewing room, one on the washing machine (her favorite spot when Frankie and Dodger are running rampid and trying to annoy her, she can reach out and paw them as they run through the doggie door) she also has one in the spare bedroom and one in our bedroom, now she has one in the living room to watch us as she sleeps. Kevin teases her that she does not fit properly. She just overflows a tad bit. Can you see that annoying look in her eyes at him for teasing her and bothering her nap to take a photo! LOL.

Dodger was feeling sad and ignored while I was finishing up the door stops last night, Kevin was on the computer and no one was wanting to snuggle or play. So she crawled up in my chair (don't you just hate the color, but it is comfy...someday we will have to replace it the seams are coming apart....well fix it Brenda you know how to sew...but that is not as important as my quilting; oh sorry started a conversation with myself). So anyhows, Kevin got up and took her picture and then we played with her and her kitty.

She has had this stuffed kitty from day one of her arrival over a year and a half ago. It was adorable then with ears, eyes and a nose and long tail. Since then, like so many childrens baby blankets/quilts, it has been sewn and resewn and washed many times. But, if I put it up high (like when Frankie comes...they play tug of war like a pack of wolves over dinner as to who get to have the kitty, so I always put it up) but Dodger looks up and you swear she has tears coming out and the way those ears droop. Any of you familiar with what I am talking about?

Well, I just felt like sharing today before I begin working on my Dresden Plate quilt blocks once again. A tad bit closer, but so far away, to being completed. LOL. Have a great day!


  1. now those elephants are really cute, your mom will love them...and how cute is that kitty for your a cutie she is not too spoiled huh?
    DaBookLady Debb

  2. OK....those animals RULE at your house, don't they? So cute....and your projects, too. I made draft snakes for my hubby's woodshop some years ago but for some reason a mouse thought that the fabric was tasty and the sand poured out! mess. I agree with you...the sand is best for keeping out drafts!

    Repairing things with the sewing machine? (like your chair) BORING! It's much better to spend time CREATING!! lol

  3. Oh, the dogs definately can say a million things with their eyes!! I love your door stoppers. I think I should make one. We have a door that has lost it's weatherstripping on the bottom. I've finally figured out that is how the spiders are coming into the house. Hmm, replace the weatherstripping... I agree with Carol... repairing stuff is boring, sewing new stuff is creative. LOL

    Have a great day tomorrow!

  4. Oh Brenda those elephants are soooo cute. Your so lucky to have your parents and to be able to do for them and enjoy them. I miss mine so much. Tomorrow is suppose to be the last of the injections before he decides about the surgery. I just want to feel good and get back to sewing. Have a great day. Blessings and hugs, Marie

  5. I was just telling Tim that I need to make some of those for our doors. I have heard that you can use kitty litter to weight them down. I think the elephant is adorable. I love the cats too. Great job.

  6. Who couldn't love those draft stoppers. The elephant is great! Chicca and Dodger look like they are enjoying themselves too.

    Pat H.