Friday, November 28, 2008


Finding this pattern in Bonnie Hunters book, SCRAPS AND SHIRTAILS has turned out to be fabulous. It uses paper piecing scrap strips into an 8 inch block that when sewn together will make a 15 inch block and look like this.....

Paper Piecing this block is exremelly simple, the only problem I face is choosing which strip to use and if the material overlaps the outer line by at least 1/4 inch.

I traced 80 blocks onto paper, but am not positive if I wish to make it that large. I am just going to play it by eye (hee, hee, that sounds whacko) and chose when to put them all together. Although it is simple it, each block takes it will be awhile before this quilt is ready.

I finished the prep work, cutting out all of the paper pieces and fabric pieces, yesterday afternoon. After the great turkey dinner, a quiet sit down time was necessary....know what I mean! LOL. Later on that evening, I began basting, but the urge to find out if I could actually hand sew these pieces together was overwhelming. I had to put together this first section....

Not bad, not great but I will be able to improve with each piece I attach. The process of assembly is going to be enjoyable.

I have discovered, through my stitching, that I desperately need bifocals! LOL. With glasses on, my hands move inward and outward trying to find the right focus (but not a lot of success). Glasses off, whew, I can see the hole to the needle and see quite clearly (up close) the stitches and make progress. Only problem with having glasses off to sew, I can not see anything else at all. LOL. Which double confirms my assessment that this is going to be a long and slow quilt project. Oh well, the year (years maybe) will be well spent enjoying this.

Kevin left the poor puppies at home while he went to run a few errands. They just kept looking towards the road waiting for him to come home.

Frankie has been with us since my parents left for their trip to Washington to see their grandkids. I talked to everyone yesterday and they are having a great time, so great in fact that they have decided to stay until Monday.

Thankfully Frankie is not feeling to homesick for them. Dodger keeps him quite busy, Chicca teases him every now and then, Kevin plays "tough" dog with him and I get the part of being his tummy rubber. Plus, my mom made sure and buy all kinds of treats for the two of them to keep them happy.

After Kevin got home and they still did not get to go for a car ride, I took them out to the field and played ball with them for an hour. They now are curled up taking their afternoon naps. Oh how fabulous the life of a dog must be. LOL.

The clothes in the dryer are done and need putting away, my clue I have chatted enough and need to get going on my duties. Have a great day!


  1. I love your paper-pieced blocks. I've seen this block before but not paper-pieced. It's going to be fabulas!

  2. Brenda, I love reading your blog--it's friendly and comfortable. I love your foundation pieced stars! I really like to paper piece and I think we agree--not difficult, but definitely time consuming. It sounds like you had an enjoyable and productive couple of days. (I'm still amazed that you are sewing that quilt all by hand!)Enjoy your weekend.