Thursday, November 13, 2008


Oh drats, this is not a very good picture....but that is me for you!

My friend, Maureen, has an embroidery machine and I got to use it. It really is amazing how it quickly stitches out these letters. I tried different styles, sizes and threads....but since it was her machine I did not get carried away and try all the things I would love to have a go at. While I was watching the machine do its magic, she ran a few errands and came home with some new threads to experiment with a dragonfly design she wants to try on a t-shirt for one of her daughters. I know I am going to have to go and play a little every now and then. LOL. is the top of the Dresden Plate quilt I have been working on on and off all year. I was very disappointed with it while assembling the sections together. But after encouraging words from friends....I once again fell in love with it. I have the intentions of making this for my daughter, but am waiting on her decision as to if she wants it or not. If not I may easily keep it for myself or know a few other people who would like it. I am also contemplating attempting to hand quilt it. I can not make up my mind, so it is waiting for my decision. I know I will make another one of these quilts in the future.

I want to share with you a site I found about Embroidery Stitches. I am slowly developing my embroidery "skills" again after seeing so many wonderful beauty it can add to quilting. My grandmothers taught me to embroidery many years ago, before my daughter was born. After doing some blocks and seeing others projects, I began searching to see if there were any other types of stitches that I did not know.

This is a wonderful site for anyone who is interested in learning embroidery stitches or who wants to learn a new stitch. The woman has the stitches on video and goes through step by step with clear precise directions.

Check it out. I found it fascinating.............there are a lot more stitches than I even imagined!


  1. thanks for sharing the site...I love that it has so much to offer for beginners too..:) lovely quilt and I=the Merry Christmas looks nice. DaBookLady Debb [using my other sign on name]

  2. You are experiencing the joy of thte machine and before long you willl own one. There is so much you can get done with it. The Dresden plate looks good and hand quilting would be great for that kind of quilt. I bet y our daughter will be in love with it as you are too. Blessings and hugs, Marie

  3. Your quilt is so pretty! You did such a nice job with the colors, too. And hand-quilted, too? Nice!
    And it sounds like to sure are enjoying learning the machine embroidery, too--your sample looks good!Thanks for the link--I will check it out.

  4. Brenda,

    You are multi talented. Love your quilt and your doing so well with the embroidery too

    Pat H.

  5. Isn't that embroidery machine amazing? I'm glad you got to play on it the dresden plate looks wonderful. Those older designs are always great to made or see. Take care.