Friday, November 21, 2008


On Saturday, the 15th, was hubbies birthday. We went to Roseburg to spend the day with his two daughters. We had a great day filled with laughter, food and shopping. His oldest daughter came home with us and spent the entire week. It was filled with laughter, food, movies and shopping. Today is my birthday and the two of them left for Roseburg just a short while ago. Today will be spent with Dodger with a lot of rest, quiet and a small amount of cleaning and sewing.

I have not posted or even been on the computer much at all; between Kevin and Savannah taking just did not leave much chance for me to check in on everyone and tell everyone thank you for the gifts this week.

Marie @
had a giveaway and everyone won. I received the cutest buttons, ribbon and fabrics. Plus the chocolate and magazine. I will definetely be using all of these (except the chocolate, already eaten) items in a quilt. Thank you for everything Marie. Stop by and visit her blog!

My next gift was from Vicki @

she made the greatest fabric turkey postcard. It is so adorable. Plus, I had inquired as to where she bought or how she made the plastic covers for her postcards. Such a surprise and wonderful delight when I discovered she sent me a whole bunch of the plastic wraps. She buys them at Micheals Craft store. I will start sending my postcards in this manner from now on. Thanks for everything. Stop by her blog and discover what beautiful work she does.

Next, I opened this great postcard from Rhonda @

animals of all kinds always make me smile. She did a great job of chosing these animal prints, they look real. Rhonda does some amazing things with fabric and is such a funny blogger.

I also received this postcard from Holly @ she colored in her bird and it looks wonderful. She is always coming up with new ideas to try, stop by her blog and see all the projects she comes up with.

Today my mom and dad are leaving for Washington, they are spending Thanksgiving with their 4 grandkids. I am glad that my parents are able to do this it means so much to all of them. Frankie on the other hand will not be so delighted....he gets to spend the week with Dodger! LOL. No don't get me wrong, Frankie loves to visit us for short periods of time, but he gets frustrated with Dodger playing all the time and they can not share affection, oh no, if one is being petted the other needs to be the same person at the same time! They love to squabble over each and every toy as to who gets to play with it and so on. So after a few hours Frankie is wore out and Dodger is just getting started. After a few days of this, tempers flair off and on and Frankie really misses Grandpa and Grandma.

Well I am off to check in on all the blogs I have missed, start in on the cleaning and then the sewing! Yipee....Yahoo...time to have some quilting fun!


  1. Happy Birthday, Brenda! It looks like you and my son share the same birthday. Hope you have a great day!

  2. Happy Birthday dear friend. So glad you liked your package.Enjoy your time and dance if you want too.Will hubby be back tonight? Have a great time. Hugs, Marie

  3. Happy Birthday, Brenda,hope you had a lovely day.
    love the postcards, that Turkey one is so cute.
    Hugs julia

  4. I have received a few postcards, too. They are so fun to get in the mail. I will have to post photos of them.

  5. Belated Birthday wishes! Sorry, I'm a bit behind on blogs!!!