Saturday, January 10, 2009


I have been unable to access the computer for far to long! The monitor on our computer went blank. This past week has been awful in so many ways. Kevin hurt his back terribly and has not been able to work. Not a great way to start off on a new job. Thankfully the doctor gave him a written notice of not being able to work. He has been in bed the majority of the time, getting up and walking short distances (with the aid of a cane) and for short periods sitting up in the living room. He has an appointment Tuesday to see a specialist and we will go from there.

Aside from helping Kevin in every way I can, I have been doing several things. One day I tore apart the sewing room and thoroughly cleaned. I then rearranged everything. I am very satisified with the way I moved things around, all much easier to get to. I then refolded and organized the fabric section, which is so wonderful when you can actually see each wonderful color. I was very pleased with myself though, the fabrics were not in total caos, so it was a fairly easy task.

I finished up all the Sun Bonnet Sue blocks and have been slowly practicing my free motion quilting. I really need to watch myself, I have a GREAT tendency to overdo! LOL. Instead of looking pretty, they look like a wild bunch of toddlers with their first crayons, scribbles everywhere. I just laugh and keep stitching, I will calm down eventually (maybe). I will show pictures at a later time.

I have also added sashing to a set of blocks that have been sitting idle for quite some time. I am in the process of hand stitching the one side. I attempted the first one with machine stitching and it looked horrid. I give a standing ovation to those of you who can match the seams so beautifully with using the machine.

This morning, I felt the urge to sew up a storm. I dug around in my "scrap" bucket and assembled 150 4 patch units. I have no clue what will become of them at this point, but it seems like so many quilt patterns call for them and it is a great way to use up those small pieces that you keep on hand, just in case they will work in somewhere. I do believe I could easily do up another 150 tomorrow. LOL.

But for now, I am going to go and take a hot bath and then crawl into bed for the night. All the running back and forth, helping hubby, really takes a toll and tires one out. LOL. I do not mind a bit, I just hope that he stops being in so much pain soon. I hate seeing him suffer this way.


  1. Oh Brenda, I will be hoping for Kevin to heal quickly, it is no easy process when you hurt your back. You have been a busy gal, wish I could stay focused like you and reel off the work. Have a better day. Hugs,, Marie

  2. I sure hope Kevin heals quickly and feels better real soon. You sure sew circles around the rest of us--150 4-patches! Hope you will show them and your Sunbonnet Sues soon!

  3. Brenda, Been there, done that with my husband years ago. Not a "fun" time. I hope he gets a favorable report from the doctor. I'll keep you both in my prayers.

  4. I am sorry to hear that Kevin is down and out. What a bummer. Hopefully he will heel up soon and can get back to work.

    You can come clean up my sewing room anytime. I usually do it about every two or three months. It isn't too bad right now. No time to sew.

  5. Hi Brenda...
    I love Sunbonnet Sue also!!! Your quilt is wonderful!