Thursday, January 1, 2009


After completing all 80 paper pieced blocks for the Virginia Bound quilt from Bonnie Hunters new book and joining 4blocks to make one block; I now have 20 wonderful blocks. After quite a few hours of searching for a block pattern to use as a backing block and debating with myself over what colors to use should I ever actually reach a decision on the pattern. LOL. I was at a stand still.

My friend, Maureen, stopped in for a visit yesterday and of course we got started talking about our quilting projects.

She has never done applique, but is expecting a new grandbaby soon and her daughter is totally convinced it is going to be a girl! She had downloaded several different versions of the Sun Bonnet Sue pattern from on line and it got me to thinking about how soft and quiet a Sun Bonnet Sue would look on the back compared to the bold and loud the Virginia Bound Star is .... such a thought.

And before I could change my mind, I found the pattern in a book Quick Quilts (that Marie had kindly sent me earlier....well last year) and I traced out 20 pieces. Then had to decide on fabrics, it really came rather quickly and easily....don't you just love it when wham bam....everything just comes together fabulously.

Last night was spent tracing and cutting out each pattern piece and this morning I ironed on each piece to the fabric. Then of course, cut them out precisely. Began playing with what should go with what and soon it was time to cut out the backing fabric squares to applique on.

I really amazed myself with how quickly and easily this is going. I even managed to satin stitch two complete blocks. By this time it is time for hubby to get to bed, he has to work tomorrow morning, and time to give my sewing machine and iron a long break. LOL.

Each of these blocks will have to have sashing put around to make them the same size as the VB blocks. I have not chosen that fabric yet....I have to think about that one a tad bit. Plus, I am contemplating putting either small flowers or hearts around the edges of each block. It needs a little bit of something extra to complete the block.

Sorry when I get this excited about a project, I just ramble on and on. LOL. Of course, many of you are used to my extensive blogs. Hee, hee, hee. Plus, since hubby is back working I HAVE FREE HOURS TO POST once again. So expect to see my posts and comments more on a daily basis once again. Well except on his days off.....makes it sound like I do not enjoy his being home; which is so far from the truth. All right I will hush up and say good night to you all. Have sweet dreams and a great day tomorrow!


  1. Your Sunbonnet Sue's are wonderful!

  2. Brenda-
    I've never really had a "feeling" for Sun Bonnet Sue, but the pattern you made is different from those I've seen before. Maybe more detail? Maybe the angles of the bonnet? I don't know. Maybe it is your color choises. BUT I really like it. Makes me want to make one myself. LOL. Another item to add to my "want to make" list.
    Big Hugs!

  3. Things are really hopping for you and Sunbonnet Sue. Good for you. Quick and easy.
    Take care.

  4. Hi Brenda,
    Love your enthusiasm--it's so exciting when we have unexpected outcomes in quilting!
    I love your Sunbonnet Sues; my mom (now deceased) shared with me that when she was a little girl (around 1918 or 1920) Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam used to be the characters in her little one-room schoolhouse readers--like we know Dick and Jane, etc. I have had a fondness for Sunbonnet Sues ever since. Have a good week!

  5. I just love Sun Bonnet Sues'. I have made a couple of quilts using them. It will look lovely with the other quilt. So which will be the front? I wouldn't be able to decide.

  6. I've seen dozens of different Sunbonnet Sue patterns over the years and love them all! Yours are especially sweet! Thanks for sharing!